Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ICHP! Below you will find descriptions of the opportunities available. Download the brochure here

Why Volunteer with ICHP?
Many highly motivated ICHP members volunteer their time and talent to support programs and activities of ICHP.  Volunteers have a direct impact on our vision, which includes the universal recognition of pharmacists as healthcare providers and patient recognition of our skills, knowledge and abilities.

Becoming a volunteer allows you and your pharmacist, pharmacy technician and student pharmacist colleagues to have influence on: proposed legislation and rules, pharmacy continuing education, health-system workflow and practices, and many other areas of need within the profession.

Many volunteers go on to gain leadership skills of increasing responsibility, providing value to aspiring professional and personal goals along with the ability to network with like-minded members and identify future career opportunities.


Annual and Spring Meeting Speakers 
Are you an expert on a specific topic?  This is your chance to volunteer to design, coordinate, and/or present an educational offering for ICHP.  For each Spring and Annual Meeting, there will be a call for presentations sent out via e-mail when planning begins.  Submit your idea and hopefully you will be selected to present!  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Annual and Spring Meeting Moderators 
While we select ICHP’s Board of Directors as moderators for many of the educational sessions so that members can get to know our leadership better, there are often opportunities for non-Board members to moderate sessions at both statewide educational meetings.  The only requirements are you must be able to follow a script, keep the program on time and enjoy speaking in front of an audience.  This is a great way to get over your fear of public speaking because we provide everything you need to say!  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Annual and Spring Meeting Slide Review 
From time to time, potential conflicts of interest are identified with meeting speakers.  In order to meet ACPE standards for quality and to make sure ICHP educational offerings are free of bias and the best they can be, ICHP recruits slide reviewers for these programs.  You may volunteer to help with any specific topic or you may accept any topic assigned.  It’s a quick but very important job for an eager volunteer!  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Annual and Spring Meeting Registration Desk Volunteers 
The busiest times at our meeting registration desks are when everyone is scampering to leave.  While we bring our entire staff to the Annual Meeting and a limited staff to the smaller Spring Meeting, we struggle to handle the onslaught at the end of each meeting.  That’s where a few extra hands can come in handy, collecting and signing CE forms, providing directions for form completion and offering assistance in packing and loading up.  You can’t be in a big hurry with this job, but it is often one of jobs with the most laughs and smiles!  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Spring Meeting Poster Presenter 
Posters are a great way to share what you’ve learned, learn from others, meet new people and justify meeting attendance.  Every year at the Spring Meeting, ICHP solicits poster presenters and features two of the best submissions for platform presentation.  Students, residents, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists may present their current or recent research and findings to share with meeting attendees.  If you been doing some useful research, this is a way to showcase it and learn from your peers.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Spring Meeting Poster Abstract Reviewer 
Reviewers are needed to evaluate poster submissions and are scored based on a rubric which is supplied.  Constructive feedback is requested to assist in improving the poster. Scoring determines if the poster is accepted for presentation at the Spring Meeting.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Spring Meeting Poster Judges 
Judges are assigned to a select number of posters identified as top posters for judging.  Judges score the posters based on a supplied rubric.  Poster judges must be registered for the Spring Meeting.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Legislative Day Participant 
 This is perhaps one of the easiest volunteer jobs and yet also one of the most important.  Showing up at Legislative Day makes our numbers swell, shows the Illinois General Assembly that pharmacy cares about what they do, and helps us get our advocacy message across in a bigger way!  Held on a Wednesday in early March, participation means traveling to Springfield, eating a provided box lunch, learning about the advocacy message with an accredited CE program and then carrying that message to the legislators, especially your own in the Capitol.  There is a small cost to participate but this is a critical volunteer opportunity that with continued participation can lead to more!  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Legislative Day Group Leader 
Once you have participated in a Legislative Day or two, you might be led to lead!  Many participants at Legislative Day are students or first-time pharmacists or pharmacy technicians and the State Capitol can be an intimidating place without a group leader.  Leading a group is easy once you had one or two Legislative Days under your belt.  Group leaders take groups of participants around the Capitol to make sure that everyone’s legislators are visited.  While many meetings may be brief and others may be with the legislator’s secretary, the times you do connect with a good conversation are so rewarding you will want to lead again and again!  This is a job for a seasoned participant or someone with no fear.  As mentioned the Capitol can be quite intimidating and on most Wednesdays during session, very crowded.  But think about it once you been to one Legislative Day!  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >
This is a one day commitment on a Wednesday in March.

Legislative Day Bus Captain 
If you’re lucky enough to live near one of the Colleges of Pharmacy or better yet a student at one, this is an easy job for you!  For every Legislative Day ICHP and IPhA provide bus transportation from each of the Colleges of Pharmacy for anyone who wishes to ride.  Leaving early in the morning and returning late in the evening, which would be the case even if you drove yourself, these buses carry students, pharmacists and technicians down and back to Springfield and the Capitol.  Bus Captains are asked to receive and then distribute participant folders: track attendance, ensuring no one is left behind in Springfield or left at the Colleges if they are running just a few minutes late; purchasing bottled water and donuts for the morning snack and finally coordinating a meal stop including ensuring everyone makes it back on the bus on the way home.  We usually solicit two Captains per bus so this is a good job for beginners or those who don’t like to solo.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >


ICHP publishes 4 issues of its news journal KeePosted and 4 modules of Pharmacy Tech Topics™ annually.  We need authors for Medication Safety, Professional Practice and Technology Best Practice articles in the KeePosted along with a variety of other topical and seasonal articles.  Student authors are needed for the columns assigned to their student chapter and technician authors can contribute technician-related articles for the Hi-Tech column that flourished at one time!  Once topics are selected for Pharmacy Tech Topics™ (PTT) by its steering committee, authors are needed for those modules too. Many of the Best Practice articles are peer-reviewed and all of the PTT modules are too.  It’s a great way to get published.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Editors and Peer Reviewers 
Both the KeePosted and Pharmacy Tech Topics™ frequently need peer reviewers and occasionally require a new editor.  These jobs require detailed attention, knowledge of the subject matter but often just a couple of hours at a time.  These jobs are for individuals who have a strong interest in medical publishing and editing. For Pharmacy Tech Topics™ we need both a pharmacist and a technician reviewer for each module.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

The Public Education & Awareness outReach pubLication Subcommittee (PEARLS) is the latest addition to ICHP publishing opportunities. A Subcommittee for the Division of Marketing Affairs, the goal for PEARLS’ volunteers is to present health information to the general public, in helpful and understandable ways, while also showcasing the role of the pharmacist in healthcare. See Scott Drabant's PEARLS article here for detailed information.
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Student CV Review 
As a service for pharmacy students either seeking a residency or first position, ICHP offers a review of their curriculum vitae. Volunteer pharmacists are needed to conduct the reviews, where we ask that you use Track Changes in the CV(s) assigned to you.  You may choose to meet with the student at one of our ICHP events or just email them your suggestions.  It’s up to you to indicate how many CVs you are willing to review.  Assignment(s) will be sent out early Fall each year with a turnaround prior to the ASHP Midyear.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

ICHP student chapters, local affiliate chapters and Champion webinars need speakers on specific topics.  Let the ICHP office know what your area of expertise is and we will make sure that you get a call when there’s a match.  All these opportunities are truly volunteer in nature, in other words, no honoraria but they all help you master the art of speaking, share your collective wisdom and will make your heart swell with pride. For state-wide speaking opportunities, see the Annual and Spring Meeting Speaker section.   Go to Volunteer Sign Up >


Ambulatory Care Network 
The Ambulatory Care Network meets at noon on the first Thursday of the month. All ICHP pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists with interest in the delivery of non-hospitalized patient care are welcome to join us in a journey to guide ambulatory practice advancement and advocacy efforts in Illinois. Our call to action is to bolster recognition of pharmacy as a critical element of the healthcare team to ensure the health and wellness of those patients we serve, across all healthcare settings. Network participants share responsibility to assess and identify ambulatory best practices in the state, foster collaborative research with ambulatory care practice sites, and solicit presentations and content for ICHP Spring and Fall meetings. To learn more about the ACN: Ambulatory Care Network
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Informatics and Technology Network (fka Technology Committee)
The Pharmacy Informatics and Technology (PIT) Network is a group of ICHP member practitioners who are pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, or student pharmacists involved with, or have an interest in, the practice of pharmacy informatics and technology. This network will use their knowledge of information systems and the medication-use process to improve patient care by ensuring that medication technologies lead to safer and more effective medication use. The mission of the ICHP Pharmacy Informatics and Technology Network is to share pharmacy informatics and technology-related practices with pharmacy practitioners in the state in order to optimize utilization of medication-use systems. The vision of ICHP Pharmacy Informatics and Technology Network is to have better training and understanding of pharmacy informatics and technology through the health care continuum. To learn more about this network: Informatics and Technology Network
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New Practitioners Network 
The New Practitioner’s Network (NPN) of ICHP is composed of practitioners who have graduated with their first professional degree in the last 10 years and are looking to become more involved in pharmacy organizations. Members of the NPN e-Board participate as a member of one of ICHP’s Divisions and report on Division activities during monthly NPN conference calls. Members of the NPN e-Board also plan other functions specifically designed to bring new practitioners and leaders of ICHP together.  Participating in these functions as a new practitioner, even if you’re not an e-Board member will help you build your social and professional network and discover other great opportunities! To learn more about the NPN: New Practitioners Network 
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Pharmacy Directors Network 
This Network is open only to those in Director or Manager positions within their institutions.  The Network is designed to facilitate sharing of work site issues and solutions.  The statewide Network does not meet regularly but a subset of the Chicago-area directors gather for an evening dinner regularly.  Most communications occur through short issue-specific surveys coordinated through the ICHP Executive Vice President.  This group plays a significant role at ICHP’s two statewide meetings by supporting the Reverse Exhibits
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Pharmacy Technician Network
The Pharmacy Technician Network (PTN) is a group of ICHP pharmacy technician members who support the professional development and educational advancement of pharmacy technicians. The PTN seeks to recognize pharmacy technicians as the paraprofessionals they are by showcasing technician contributions to the profession while promoting involvement within ICHP. To learn more about the PTN: Pharmacy Technician Network
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Residency Leaders Network
The Residency Leaders Network (RLN) is a group of ICHP members who are pharmacists and leaders in residency programs (i.e. residency directors and residency coordinators) throughout the state. The mission of the ICHP RLN is to offer networking opportunities to resolve questions, challenges, and issues that residency directors and residency coordinators often face when guiding residents through their program and/or preparing for ASHP accreditation. The vision of the ICHP RLN is to foster best practices related to residency programs in the State of Illinois. To learn more about the RLN:
 Residency Leaders Network

Small and Rural Hospital Network
The Small and Rural Hospital Network is intended to serve as a rural / critical care access hospital network.  The small and rural hospitals face very unique challenges. This network offers a venue to share problems and solutions. For more information on this network: Small and Rural Hospital Network

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KeePosted Committee 
This Committee is responsible for directing, soliciting and providing the technical content of the ICHP newsjournal KeePosted™. The Committee is chaired by the KeePosted™ Editor and works closely with ICHP office staff to produce ten issues of the newsjournal annually. Go to Volunteer Sign Up >
This group meets via email prior to publication of the newsjournal. The KeePosted™ newsjournal is published ten times per year.

Nominations Committee 
This Committee is made up of well-informed volunteers who solicit members to run for ICHP’s various elected positions.  Volunteers for this Committee should be engaged in ICHP and know many of the active members around the State and specifically in their specific affiliate.  This is probably not a job for a new member and anyone interested in running for an ICHP office should not volunteer to serve on this committee. Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

ICHP Building Committee 
This committee is responsible for review of the budget, approving renovations to and policies of the ICHP Building Co, LLC located in Loves Park, Illinois.  The ICHP Building is a subsidiary of ICHP and is significant asset to the Council.  Not only is it home to the ICHP headquarters but currently houses four other tenants and additional empty rental space.  Volunteers for this committee should have some knowledge of managing rental property, building maintenance and tenant relations.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >
Committee meets annually via conference call and communicates throughout the year via e-mail for other issues.  

Annual Meeting and Spring Meeting Planning Committees
These two committees are responsible for planning the educational components of ICHP’s two annual statewide meetings.  The Annual Meeting is held in the fall and planned beginning in early spring of each year and held in the Chicago metropolitan area. It is a three-day meeting and ICHP’s largest live-educational offering to members. The Spring Meeting is planned beginning in the fall of the preceding year and held in March or April of the next in a central Illinois location in even-numbered years and in the St. Louis area in conjunction with the Missouri Society of Health-System Pharmacists in odd-numbered years.  Committee members identify continuing education topics and speakers for each meeting but are discouraged from volunteering to present at the meetings themselves.  Committee members may volunteer to moderate sessions and act as educational room monitors.  Committee members are expected to participate in at least 60% of calls and coordinate at least one meeting session. Potential speakers are encouraged to see the Section on Meeting Volunteer Opportunities.   Go to Volunteer Sign Up >
Planning calls occur weekly for approximately 8-10 weeks during the planning period with e-mail follow-up on-going until the meeting.  


Educational Affairs 
The Division of Educational Affairs plans, conducts, and evaluates the Annual Meeting and one or more additional continuing pharmaceutical education programs each year; assists the ICHP Executive Vice President, Vice President of Professional Services and Director of Operations with oversight of the ACPE accreditation processes for all ICHP sponsored programs; assists the Editor of KeePosted™ upon request; evaluates, develops, and implements new ICHP educational products and services; and addresses relevant issues concerning pharmaceutical education. Go to Volunteer Sign Up > 
The Division of Educational Affairs meets every third Tuesday of the month at 11:00 am via conference call. 

Government Affairs 
The Division of Government Affairs reviews and interprets proposed legislation and regulation and its impact on public health, pharmacy and related practice. This division works cooperatively with allied organizations and government agencies on all health care related public policy. If you are interested in monitoring legislation and making a difference in government, join Government Affairs.Go to Volunteer Sign Up > 
The Division of Government Affairs meets every third Monday of the month at 5:00 pm via conference call. 

Marketing Affairs 
The Division of Marketing Affairs is responsible for developing and maintaining programs to support current membership and recruit new members. We also act as a liaison to local affiliates and coordinate communications and selected activities directed toward the general public and health professionals. If you are interested in assessing the current needs of our membership or have ideas for how to support or grow our membership, consider joining Marketing Affairs.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >
The Division of Marketing Affairs meets every third Tuesday of the month at 8:00 am via conference call. 

Organizational Affairs 
This Division is responsible for periodic review of the ICHP constitution, bylaws, and policies and procedures. We also assist student affiliates with the process of developing and reviewing their bylaws. Involvement with the Division of Organizational Affairs is a great way to really learn the structure of the organization and the responsibilities of each of its functional bodies (other committees, practice groups, etc.). It's also an excellent primer in the development of business documents if you think you are interested in a more administrative role in your career at some point.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up > 
This group meets every fourth Monday of the month at 4:00 pm via conference call. 

Professional Affairs 
The Professional Affairs Division improves and promotes pharmacy practice in Health-Systems and affiliated facilities by developing position statements, standards, guidelines, competency standards, and related materials. Identify and recognize innovative practice. The Division works cooperatively with allied organizations and other agencies to develop and promote these responsibilities. It reviews bi-annually existing ICHP Position Statements for the purpose of retention, revision, or deletion and develops new position statements relative to professional practice reflecting the viewpoint of the membership.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >
This group meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm via conference call.


Best Practice Award Judges 
ICHP sponsors a Best Practice award to showcase in one of the best in Illinois pharmacy practice each year. Judges must have been in Health-System practice a minimum of 5 years as a pharmacist and have experience in at least one of the following areas: direct patient care, management, drug information, research, publishing/reviewing, or clinical specialty. Judges use a supplied rubric to score each submission.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >


ICHP CE Appetizer Host 
ICHP has a network of members from hospitals and health system pharmacy departments who serve as a “point person” for ICHP and help coordinate participation in CE Appetizer webinars at their institution.  ICHP provides the system and the content for these lunch time webinars, which are also available to all members from any location.  For more information, visit the CE Appetizers.  
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Board of Directors 
ICHP’s elected leaders serve terms that normally span three-years at a time.  Often with one year as an officer or director-elect and two years in a voting position.  The responsibilities are varied and these positions are probably not for a first year member.  But with a year of experience on a Division or Committee, many members will be ready for the next level of volunteer leadership! Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund Board of Trustees 
Positions on the Board of ICHP’s Pharmacy Action Fund or its Political Action Committee (PAC) are for the ardent Government Affairs junkie!  You like politics?  You’ll want to be involved here.  The main responsibilities for Board members here are to determine where our political contributions go during each election cycle and determining what kind of fun fundraising activities to offer at ICHP’s statewide educational meetings.  A year or two as a member of the Government Affairs Division is strongly suggested but political junkies of all kinds are welcome.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Illinois Delegates to the ASHP House
This job takes a little extra but it is a great way to move up the ladder nationally once you have established yourself within ICHP!  You must be a member of both ICHP and ASHP in order to run for election as a delegate and more importantly, you must pay your own way to wherever ASHP’s Summer Meetings are held once you have been elected.  The Summer Meetings occur in early June and in addition ICHP strongly requests that delegates and alternates attend one of the two Regional Delegate Conferences (RDCs) held in Rosemont, Illinois prior to the Summer Meeting in early May.  ICHP does pay for some of the costs of the RDC but does not assist in the costs of attending the Summer Meeting.  So the commitment is significant but if you know you’re going anyway and are well-known throughout the State, give it whirl!  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >

Local Affiliate and Student Chapter Leaders 
ICHP has seven local affiliates within the State and while currently not all of them have elected officers, that doesn’t mean they can’t or that you can’t be one that is elected.  In addition, ICHP has six student chapters of ICHP, one at each of the Illinois based Colleges of Pharmacy.  While leadership at the student chapters is limited to the student members of those chapters, both of these elected opportunities often lead to bigger and better opportunities down the road.  Those who are or might be interested may obtain more information from the ICHP Office.  Go to Volunteer Sign Up >