Q. When was ICHP formed?

ICHP was formed in 1963, and incorporated as a not for profit in the State of Illinois on January 31, 1966. ICHP celebrated its 50th Anniversary at a Gala event in September 2013. The History of ICHP: 1963-2013 is available on this website.

Q. Who can join ICHP?

ICHP membership is open to pharmacists, technicians, students, and pharmaceutical representatives, active or retired. Membership averages 1600 annually. Join ICHP

Q. How is ICHP structured?

ICHP is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets at least quarterly. Previously, ICHP also had a House of Delegates, but this was discontinued in 2017. ICHP is divided into seven local affiliates based on geographic region. Affiliate chapters & map

Q. Does ICHP have a major State-wide membership meeting?

ICHP holds an Annual Fall Meeting in the fall in the Chicago area. The Annual meeting will include a Town Hall meeting to allow discussion and recommendations from ICHP members to the Board. In addition, the meeting offers on average a minimum of 15 credit hours of continuing pharmacy education for attendees. Members and non-members may attend the Annual Meeting. Annual Meeting Page

Q. Does ICHP conduct any other Statewide meetings during the year?

ICHP holds a Spring Meeting that now alternates between a stand-alone meeting held in southern or central Illinois on even years, and a stand-alone virtual meeting on odd years. The Spring Meeting includes Board business meetings, a Town Hall meeting, and on average, a minimum of 10 credit hours of continuing pharmacy education for attendees. Members and non-members may attend the Spring Meeting. ICHP Events Calendar

Q. Does ICHP have an advocacy arm?

ICHP provides information and counsel on pharmacy related questions posed by members, and this includes detailed analysis of Pharmacy Practice Act impact.  ICHP also retains a legislative consultant in Springfield that works with the Division of Government Affairs and staff to monitor legislation and collaborate with legislators. ICHP has a Political Action Fund that accepts donations and provides funds to state politicians who support the practice of pharmacy. In addition, ICHP now has a Legislator of the Year Award, honoring the state representative and state senator who make outstanding contributions to advancing public health and the profession of pharmacy in Illinois. Advocacy Center

Q. In what other ways does ICHP impact pharmacy practice in Illinois?

ICHP sends representatives to the bi-monthly Board of Pharmacy meetings. 

Q. What other activities does ICHP participate in on a state and / or national level?

ICHP is a founding member of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Illinois affiliate of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. ICHP and its members support community service projects throughout the state. In 2022, ICHP took over coordination of the Illinois Pharmacy Resident Conference. In 2023, ICHP coordinated the first regional Residency Showcase Virtual Open House. Community Service 

Q. What publications does ICHP produce for members and other interested pharmacy professionals?

ICHP publishes the KeePosted™ a digital newsjournal and the Pharmacy Tech Topics™ accredited continuing pharmacy education modules (print and online subscriptions at Pharmacy Tech Topics™).

Q. Does ICHP participate in Social Media?

ICHP has an online presence on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Q. Does ICHP provide quality continuing education?

ACPE logoThe Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. All of the continuing pharmacy education offered provides participants with ACPE credit. ICHP provides continuing pharmacy education for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians through live presentations and home-study programming on the internet at CESally.com and Pharmacy Tech Topics™.

Q. Are my payments to ICHP tax deductible?

ICHP is a 501 (c) 6 not for profit organization, and as such is not tax exempt, and is not a charitable organization. However, if a member of ICHP itemizes deductions on their federal income tax, they may be able to deduct the portion of dues and meeting registration fees, if they and other professional related expenses, exceed 2% of their gross income. Please refer to the IRS Code.

Q. How can I get more involved with ICHP as a volunteer?

ICHP offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. In addition, ICHP has a variety of member and pharmacy practice networks. For more information on volunteer opportunities: Volunteer Opportunities.  For more information on ICHP networks: Networks.