New Practitioner Leadership Award

  • 2023 Nikola Markoski
  • 2022 Andrew Merker
             W. Justin Moore
  • 2021 Marianne K. Pop
  • 2020 Natalie Tucker
  • 2019 Bryan C. McCarthy, Jr.
  • 2018 Bernice Man
  •          Milena McLaughlin
  • 2017 Lara Ellinger
  • 2016 Kathryn Schultz
  • 2015 Jennifer Arnoldi
  • 2014 Diana Isaacs
  • 2013 Scott Bergman
  • 2012 Kristi Stice
  • 2011 Sheila Allen
  • 2010 Kathy Komperda
  • 2009 Jaime Borkowski
  • 2008 Jessica Michaud
  • 2007 Jacob Gettig
  • 2006 No award
  • 2005 Carrie Sincak
  • 2004 Nicole Allcock
Selection Criteria

The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists establishes the New Practitioner Leadership Award to recognize an individual whose early accomplishments distinguish them as future leaders in the profession. The candidates should be individuals whose performance demonstrates a high degree of professionalism, leadership, and innovation. Nominations are due by July 1. Nominations may be submitted to the ICHP Board of Directors or ICHP staff by an affiliate chapter or any two individual members of the ICHP.  If a nominee is selected to receive the award, it will be presented at the Annual Meeting.  Nominees should meet the following criteria:       
  1. Earned his/her first pharmacy degree within the last 10 years
  2. Encourage and support ICHP by membership, meeting attendance, and participation*
  3. Demonstrate a consistently high level of professional achievement
  4. Has developed, is working in or is working towards the development of an innovative practice in Health-System pharmacy practice
  5. Exhibit strong leadership qualities
  6. Possess a strong commitment to the advancement of the pharmacy profession
* Membership in ICHP and volunteer activity within ICHP’s divisions, committees or board of directors are absolute requirements to receive this award.

To apply or nominate, complete the online nomination form or forward a detailed letter of recommendation identifying the specific accomplishments of the nominee with respect to each criteria above to ICHP, 4055 N Perryville Road, Loves Park, IL 61111-8653, or email to

Selection of a recipient shall be by the ICHP Board of Directors in a secret ballot.  The nominator may be requested to provide additional information to the ICHP Board of Directors to facilitate discussion and selection.
The award is presented during the ICHP Annual Meeting by the Immediate Past President unless another time and presenter are more appropriate.