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If you're applying for Active or Supporting Associate membership, you may take advantage of our real-time multi-year discount options. Please see the chart below.

Payments to ICHP are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. ICHP dues are not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent that ICHP engages in certain lobbying activities. For 2024 U.S. tax returns, the nondeductible portion of your ICHP dues is 50 percent. ICHP Federal Tax ID# 36-2887899.

Membership Category Annual Pricing

Please review the pricing below based on member category and duration. Select your category in the Member Category drop down below. Then select your duration from the Member Duration drop down below. Single year or multi-year pricing will be reflected in your shopping cart. Multi-Year Discount information is below.

One Year Pricing
Active Full Member $150
Joint Pharmacist (Spouse-Spouse) $240
Recent Graduate 1st Year $75
Pharmacy Resident $40
Supporting $150
Student $20
Technician $35
Retired Pharmacist $75
Retired Technician $17


Multi-Year Discounts Available for Pharmacists and Supporting Members

Select the number of years in the drop down below. The multi-year discount pricing will be reflected in your cart. See below for your real-time multi-year discount.

Multi-Year Discounts
1 Year 2 Year* 3 Year* 4 Year*
Active Pharmacist $150 $275 $405 $540
Supporting (non-pharmacist) $150 $275 $405 $540

*Multi-year memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Membership Information

• Applies only to: Active, Supporting Associate, Technician, Retired Pharmacist, Retired Technician
• Only available for the "1 Year Membership"

Select the auto-renew option, provide your credit card information, and your membership will be renewed automatically every year as long as the credit card information remains valid. Your credit card information is stored by PayPal, not You will receive email notifications prior to auto-renewal, and you may unselect this option at any time.

You may also join or renew by mail by completing the
printable application / renewal form.

ICHP is seeking the assistance of its members to increase our membership in the association. Please promote the benefits of ICHP to a co-worker – share your KeePosted™, invite someone to a division or committee meeting, encourage attendance at a state-wide meeting, and ASK a co-worker to JOIN!

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