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Current LIVE CPE Programs


October 2-3, 2020
ICHP Annual Meeting
Programs are still available as home study through October 31, 2020
Registration is open! Follow the Annual Meeting link for all the details!

October 27, 2020
Review of the 2020 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes
Live Webinar

November 10, 2020
Hereditary Angioedema: What It Is and How To Treat It
Live Webinar

November 18, 2020
New Directions in Influenza Management
Live Webinar

November 24, 2020
Interoperability for Combating the Opioid Epidemic: ILPMP
CE Appetizer - Live Webinar


March 19-20, 2021
2021 ICHP/MSHP Spring Meeting - Virtual
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CE Appetizers - Live half hour lunch-time webinars! 

Current ICHP Members' Only Home Study CPE Programs

ICHP members can access home study CPE programs at www.CESally.com.

Click here for a list of previously recorded ICHP Home Study now available as Home Study on CESally.com.

Click here for a list of Best Practice CPE activities available as Home Study through the KeePosted and CESally.com.

To see ICHP Members' Only Home Study, log in to your account on CESally.com and make sure you have set up your ICHP association link - that is how you will see the Members' Only programming.

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Instructions to complete your ICHP Home Study CE on CE Sally


The ICHP Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Mission

The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists CPE mission is to develop, maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in health-system settings by providing adult education on important issues relevant to contemporary pharmacy practice.

Goals of the ICHP CPE Mission 

  1. To identify through bi-annual needs assessments and ongoing activity evaluations the educational needs of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as it relates to the provision of all aspects of medication therapy in healthcare settings.
  2. To address the educational needs identified with 80% live and 20% home-study educational programming annually, in an interactive format that engages learners and facilitates improved learning, retention and application of knowledge and skills.
  3. To provide educational programming that includes both knowledge-based and application-based activities, with a goal of 80% knowledge-based and 20% application-based activities at our statewide meetings.
  4. To provide educational programming that is fair, balanced and void of commercial influence at all times.
  5. To promote Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through state wide meetings and the ICHP website, as a means by which pharmacists and pharmacy technicians may acquire and maintain critical pharmacy practice competencies.
  6. To establish and maintain quality assurance training for faculty (both speakers and authors) to ensure optimal educational activities for pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians.

    Approved by Educational Affairs on 2/19/2019.

ICHP CEA Policy - Revised & Approved by EA - 5-19-2020

The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.