Industry Award

  • 2020 Dana J. Puljan
  • 2019 Ginger Cioffi-Carragher
  • 2017 Larry DiGoia
  • 2016 Eric Heimdal and Evanna Shopoff
  • 2015 Lori Kroth
  • 2014 David Tjhio
  • 2010 James Dorociak
  • 2009 Emil Cici
  • 2008 Rauf Dalal
  • 2006 Tom Westerkamp
  • 2003 Gordon Goldberg
  • 2002 Gabrielle Luster
  • 2001 Ronald Miller
  • 1999 Bob Buchochin
  • 1998 Frank Kokaisl
  • 1997 Dolores Nobles-Knight
  • 1996 Steve Kolwitz
  • 1995 Larry Olin
  • 1994 Robert Wegner
  • 1993 Chuck Lorenz
  • 1992 Dale Smith
  • 1991 Richard E. Surface
  • 1990 Joel Hoffman
  • 1989 Bill Lewis
  • 1988 Bob Higgins
Selection Criteria

The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists establishes an Industry Award to recognize that individual from industry who over the years has made unique contributions to Health-System pharmacy in the state.  Nominations may be submitted to the ICHP Board of Directors sixty days prior to the Annual Meeting by an affiliate chapter or any two individual members of the ICHP.  If a nominee is selected to receive the award, it will be presented at the Annual Meeting.  Nominees should meet the following criteria:
  1. The individual has made contributions to the practice of pharmacy in the state of Illinois beyond the scope of duty and responsibility.
  2. The individual has been an effective liaison between Health-System pharmacy practitioners and the manufacturer enabling the manufacturer to respond to new developments in Health-System pharmacy practice.
  3. The individual has encouraged and supported the ICHP over the years by membership, and meeting attendance and participation.
Selection of a recipient shall be by the ICHP Board of Directors in a secret ballot.  The successful nominee must receive the support of at least 3/4 of the Council's Board members.  Only one ballot shall be taken and all Board members must be polled.
The award is presented during the ICHP Annual Meeting by the Immediate Past President unless another time and presenter are more appropriate.

Award Nomination Form and Criteria