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The Residency Leaders Network (RLN) is a group of ICHP members who are pharmacists and leaders in residency programs (i.e. residency directors and residency coordinators) throughout the state.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the ICHP RLN is to offer networking opportunities to resolve questions, challenges, and issues that residency directors and residency coordinators often face when guiding residents through their program and/or preparing for ASHP accreditation.

The vision of the ICHP RLN is to foster best practices related to residency programs in the State of Illinois.


  1. Set up listserv (or another forum) for residency directors and residency coordinators within Illinois to pose questions and offer solutions for residency training and/or accreditation issues.
  2. Encourage participation in ICHP activities such as committee participation and meetings attendance.
  3. Work with ICHP meeting planning committee and/or the ICHP Educational Affairs Division to create preceptor development programming and recruit speakers that will meet ASHP accreditation requirements.
  4. Coordinate informal gatherings throughout the year for mentoring residency directors, residency coordinators, and/or preceptors
  5. Work with ICHP student school chapters in Illinois to provide information on residency training.
  6. Increase awareness of ICHP among residency directors and residency coordinators and consequently new residents each year.




  1. Serves as an ex officio of the ICHP Board of Directors.
  2. Coordinates activities of the Residency Leaders Network and its subcommittees.
  3. Reports activities of the Residency Leaders Network to the Board of Directors.
  4. Prepares an annual report of the activities of the Residency Leaders Network.
  5. Brings to the attention of the Board “Votes to recommend” from the Residency Leaders Network executive board.
  6. Accepts assignments from the Board of Directors on a specific matter of consideration.
  7. Obtains approval of the Board of Directors prior to representing themselves as acting on behalf of the Council or securing funds from sources outside the Council.
  8. Obtains approval of the Board of Directors prior to spending funds of the Council on Residency Leaders Network activities.
  9. Prepares an annual budget for the Residency Leaders Network and submits it to the Treasurer and Executive Vice President.
  10. Complies with Chapter 10.0 of the ICHP Policy and Procedure Manual “Performance Requirements for Board Members, Officers, and other ICHP Representatives”.
  11. Provides assignments for residency director/coordinator volunteers.
  12. Conducts an annual roster review of the network and provides names of members to add or delete from the roster for the coming year.

Appointed position.  Serves a one year term.  May serve more than one term.

Vice Chair


  1. Performs the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair’s absence.
  2. Takes minutes of the network meetings.   
  3. Assumes the role of the Chair at the end of his or her term. 


Appointed position. Serves one year term. May serve more than one term.


Meets via conference call or in person once monthly or as needed.

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