Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Learning Portfolio
The following Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Learning Portfolio (printable or fillable pdf) (updated 04/2018) is available for your use courtesy of the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy. The NC model was adapted from the 5-state pilot and the Ontario College of Pharmacists. You may download the complete document or print off individual worksheets as you need them. These documents are a tool to assist you in planning, recording and reflecting upon your continuing professional development. CPD Contents include:
  • Reflection and Professional Review Worksheet
  • Education Learning Plan Worksheet
  • Learning Activity Evaluation Worksheet
  • Professional Year End Summary Worksheet (LOG)

Helpful Links:

ACPE CPD Overview Webpage

ICHP Position Statement on CPD

Information Video Resources
Video recordings of prior CPE programs are available for home study credit. Check out our Champion Webinars