2012 ICHP Spring Meeting Poster Presentation Winners!

March 26, 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 ICHP Spring Meeting Poster Presentation winners!  Download the March KeePosted to read their poster abstracts.

First Place Original (tie) -

Taylor J. Post, PharmD
TITLE: Impact of a pharmacist-led initiative at a preoperative orthopedic surgery clinic
AUTHORS: Taylor J. Post, Pharm.D.#; Dina Porro, Pharm.D.; Se Choi, Pharm.D.; Kimberly Janicek, Pharm.D.; Mark Deaton, Pharm.D.
Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center

Richard A. Mioni, PharmD
TITLE: Identification and Evaluation of Pharmacy Residency Preceptor Development Practices
AUTHORS: Richard A. Mioni, Pharm.D.#; Dina Porro, Pharm.D.
Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center

First Place Encore

Lara Kathryn Ellinger, PharmD, BCPS
TITLE: Survey of Opioid Pain Management Knowledge in Healthcare Professionals
AUTHORS: Lara Kathryn Ellinger, PharmD, BCPS#; Julie Golembiewski, PharmD
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy

First Place Student

Phillip Thomas Connelley, PharmD student
TITLE: A Retrospective Review of Type 2 Diabetes Management during Hospitalization Uncovers Lack of A1c Values
AUTHORS: Carrie N. Vogler, PharmD, BCPS1; Phillip Thomas Connelley, PharmD student#2
1- Memorial Medical Center; 2 - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy

#Presenting Author

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