UIC - ICHP Chapter Year in Review

by Leia Roeges, P-3, ICHP-ASHP Student Chapter Immediate Past President
July 15, 2011

This has been a very successful year for the UIC-ICHP chapter. It has been my honor to serve on our UIC e-board, as well as contribute to the programming on the state level.

I am proud of what the UIC-ICHP chapter accomplished this year. In our second year of recognized status for ASHP, UIC-ICHP was able to expand our professional development projects and health initiatives, Lung Health and Mental Wellness, to reach thousands of people. We participated in two Lung Walks, Hustle Up the Hancock, health fairs with the Chicago Bears, and health booths throughout Chicagoland. We are very excited to see our organization expand more into the community and provide more opportunities for students to showcase the wealth of knowledge that we receive here at UIC.

We have also expanded opportunities for students within the college. This is our first year with our new sister campus, UIC Rockford, which has been a great participator and contributor to the chapter.

This year, we expanded our professional development projects, including the new Residency 101 lecture series. Part One introduced students to what residencies and fellowships are. Part Two educated students about Midyear and the Match, and hosted a panel of PGY1 Residents and P4s who explained the residency interviewing process. During National Hospital and Health-System Pharmacists Week, students were able to find out more information about health-systems pharmacy. In addition to our Residency and P4 Roundtable, we expanded our Internship Fair to include over 20 participating interns to talk about their past experiences in Chicago and a panel which was broadcasted to Rockford. Furthermore, we continued our CV workshop with faculty to provide students tools to prepare for internship and residency interviewing. We continued to set up hospital visits for P1s to get some exposure to the world of hospital pharmacy, and individual visits were organized.

Last year, Jennifer Thompson and Tommy Chiampas competed nationally at ASHP Midyear for the Clinical Skills Competition. We would like to continue their great representation of UIC and win it all next year!

Lastly, I would like to thank the executive board, the members, and faculty that participated in our events. Student participation at meetings and events was phenomenal. It has been an honor serving the members of ICHP. As I and many of my peers move on to rotations, I am reminded of a quotation by Winston Churchill which sums up where we are in our academic and professional careers, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” We have laid a sturdy foundation in which others may build upon. The efforts and hard work of the UIC-ICHP e-board has yet raised the bar once more. I have no doubts that ICHP will continue to grow and expand offerings and programs amongst peers and throughout the community.

Thank you again to the 2010-2011 UIC-ICHP Executive Board!!
Vice President Shilpa Paul President-Elect Emily Lin Secretary Sharlynne Fernandez Treasurer Elzbieta Starzycka Fundraising Chairs Lilly Nguyen Amy Vikrey Chi Hye Kim ICHP Representative Anita Lammers Membership Chair Bhanupriya Sirandas Professional Practice Chair Elaine Guiao Rockford Chair Chris Radunz P-1 Liaison Marc McDowell Webmaster Susan Jin ΓΆβ€"Β 

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