Membership Needs Assessment 2007

by Ann Jankiewicz, ICHP President
May 1, 2008

The Marketing Affairs Division of ICHP conducted a Membership Needs Assessment survey using the Survey Monkey tool last November through December. The needs assessment survey is being done annually so the ICHP staff and leadership can gain insight into how members value their membership. In January 2008, we had 1487 members in total. We had 280 members respond to the survey (response rate=19%). Of these, 192 were pharmacists, 38 were students and 40 were technicians. We want you to know that we do look at the data from surveys and have begun to use this information to add more value to your membership.

When asked what keeps members involved in ICHP, top responses included: local continuing education, KeePosted and networking with colleagues. Having the opportunity to give back to the profession, advocacy (representation in Springfield and Washington) and statewide CE programs were not far behind. As expected in this technology age, 60% of members preferred email for receiving ICHP information. Others preferred both a mailer and email announcement.

The most interesting and timely information from the survey was about our website. I say timely because we have recently formed a website committee that has the charge of redesigning our website. We found that 56% of our members accessed our website only once or twice per month. The comments on what would make one add the ICHP website to one’s favorite bookmarks will be very helpful to the website committee as they plan the redesign. Many responded that the ICHP website is already bookmarked though they do not access often.

Overall, members wanted a user-friendly website that is updated often. Some other thoughts were that the homepage needs to capture one’s attention and needs more information for students, more local issues, more hot topics, and more links. Although we have links under the “Resources” tab, we may need to make them easier to find. We also found that many members did not know their login and would have liked to have an easier process. We will keep this in mind when redesigning the website. In the meantime, if you have not chosen your username and password, the default is your member ID number for both username and password. You can always change your username and password by going to the “Your Info” section listed on the left hand side of the first page.

Some members asked for CE links or free CE. If you go to the website, the first page contains a link to This is an e-Learning center for pharmacists and technicians and is available free of charge to ICHP members. Other information to consider adding to the ICHP website included updated pictures, timely topics from the media (e.g. community-acquired MRSA), drug recall information, residency information and a listserv. Members also wanted to know what ICHP is working on by being privy to minutes or updates from Divisions and the Board of Directors on the website.

I am thrilled to see that 97% of members received good value from their ICHP membership dues. First, we will continue to send out our email blasts with alerts and updates since the survey indicated that 94% of members feel this is a valuable membership service. A valuable service that appears to have been underutilized is the discount ICHP members receive on ASHP membership and publications. In fact, only 30% of members knew that ICHP in collaboration with ASHP offers ASHP/ICHP members a 10% savings off the ASHP member price and ICHP-only members a 10% savings off the non-ASHP member price on all ASHP publications. To obtain this discount simply type ICHPSAVE10 in the discount code field when ordering electronically through the ASHP website (

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