COVID-19 Best Practices

This page is designed to help pharmacy leaders share and solve their most worrisome problems and concerns. It is open to all members and even non-members to share with their pharmacy department leaders to help us all fight this critical pandemic. Please share this site with your pharmacy colleagues and visit this page and original COVID-19 page daily to see what is new. We will continue to date all entries to help you quickly see what’s new.  And please feel free to share your own problems and concerns with the ICHP office at

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PROBLEM - INHALERS: As of today when we tried to order inhalers, there are no albuterol and combivent inhalers available for us to order from our distribution center at McKesson. I know everyone is in the same boat since we can’t use nebulizer treatments. I don’t know how this is going to effect the larger facilities but I know it is going to be an issue for our smaller facilities because our allotment is going to be lower. Prior to COVID, we rarely used inhalers and relied mainly on nebulizer treatments. Anyone have recommendations or extra inhalers? 
Tara Gorden, Hamilton Memorial Hospital District, McLeansboro – 03/30/2020.