ICHP Position Statement - Medical Marijuana

ICHP supports the following regarding the appropriate use of medical marijuana:

  • ICHP supports that the DEA and/or Congress review the classification of marijuana and consider a schedule that allows for further research of marijuana and its individual components
  • ICHP advocates for further research and clinical trials involving the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana and its individual components.
  • ICHP advocates for the standardization of marijuana containing products and its individual active components.
  • ICHP advocates for the development of screening methods to assess the level of impairment caused by marijuana use, as is applicable to particular duties (i.e operation of motor vehicles, workplace duties)
  • ICHP supports pharmacist and technician education on the current Federal and State regulations pertaining to the use of medical marijuana
  • ICHP supports pharmacist education on medical information or literature pertaining to medical marijuana in order to better counsel patients and families with questions or concerns.  

In addition, ICHP opposes the dispensing of marijuana for non-medicinal use.

Revised 05/2018