2018 Auction Prizes

PAC Auction with a Twist logo

Help make pharmacy’s voice heard in Springfield while you check out all the great items to 'bid' on below. The ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund Auction with a Twist is a great fundraising event that will culminate at the 2018 ICHP Annual Meeting. Until then you can purchase tickets and bid online. After September 10th, tickets will be available only at the Annual Meeting.

Can't make it to the Annual Meeting? You can still win, just buy your tickets with the pre-meeting online ticket order form or use this printable ticket order form (pdf) and fax it to 815-227-9294 or call the ICHP office at 815-227-9292. Pre-meeting auction ‘bidding’ ends Monday, September 10, 2018. Final drawing will be 11:00 am, September 15, 2018 at the ICHP Annual Meeting. Absentee winners will be notified by September 21, 2018.

All proceeds from the auction go to the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund, ICHP's PAC (Political Action Committee).* Support the PAC and win some great items all at the same time. That is a Win / Win for everyone!

* Remember, contributions to the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund are not considered charitable contributions by the IRS.

This year we have lots of great prizes! There is something for everyone! Must be 21 or older to win prizes containing alcohol.

TV image
Item 1 - 55" Sharp 4K Ultra High Definition Television with Roku

This beauty will fill your room with outstanding images and has 3 HDMI ports for connections to your other technology.  It is a smart-TV and ready for cable or satellite access.

Value $500 – Donated by Andy Donnelly, Ed Donnelly, Ron Miller, Mike Novario and Scott Meyers.
Thor's Hammer
Item 2 - Thor's Hammer and the Three Sisters Landscape Photo on Canvas

This spectacular southwestern landscape photo is professionally mounted on an approximately 24” x 36” ready to hang canvas will look spectacular in your office, living room, winter home in Phoenix or Santa Fe or wherever you decide to hang it. 

Value $400 – Donated by Tom Allen (photographer).
Kate Spade Bag
Item 3 - Kate Spade Tote

The Jackson Street Jana features pebbled leather with matching trim and bookstripe print on the poly twill lining.  The handbag will be your constant companion, your security blanket and way-more-than-an-accessory accessory. 

Value $298 – Donated by Sheila Allen, Kathy Komperda, Jennifer Phillips and Carrie Sincak.
Item 4 - Bottles and Bottega Gift Card

You and three friends will enjoy an evening of wine tasting and painting at one of 7 Chicago area locations.  Plus take home 4 bottles of wine when you’re done. 

Value $250 – Donated by Bernice Man.
Top Golf
Item 5 - $250 Topgolf Gift Card

Located in Naperville, Wood Dale, Chesterfield (near St. Louis) you can create an unforgettable experience for family or friends, even if you’re not a golfer.  Climate controlled bays make this a great event year-round. 

Value $250 – Donated by Lara Ellinger, David Martin, Milena McLaughlin, and Elise Wozniak.
Echo Show
Item 6 - Amazon Echo Show

Brings you everything you love about Alexa and now she can show you Amazon video content, music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, listen to audio books and more. 

Value $239 – Donated by Jen Arnoldi, Jing Hecht, Lisa Lubsch, Jared Sheley, and Carrie Vogler.
Wine Basket
Item 7 - Wine Country Gift Basket

This basket features 5 different wines along with a variety of gourmet snacks and treats.  Perfect for entertaining or several quiet but luxurious nights at home by the fire. 

Value $175 – Donated by Kathy and Mike Weaver.
Drury Lane logo
Item 8 - Drury Lane Dinner and a Show! Package 1

Dinner and a Show for two of your choice from the 2018--2019 season’s offerings at Drury Lane (after all, it’s not just a convention center!). 

Value $120-210 depending on the show selected – Donated by Drury Lane Theater.
Drury Lane logo Item 9 - Drury Lane Dinner and a Show! Package 2

Dinner and a Show for two of your choice from the 2018--2019 season’s offerings at Drury Lane (after all, it’s not just a convention center!). 

Value $120-210 depending on the show selected – Donated by Drury Lane Theater.
Rick Bayless Basket
Item 10 - Cook Mexican Food with Chicago's Rick Bayless

Renown Chicago Chef Rick Bayless’ Cook book, Summer Garden plates, Pier 1 canape knives and hors d’oeuvres picks, colorful glassware charms, set of 4 quilted placemats and more will help you entertain like a pro. 

Value $110 – Donated by Mary Lee.
Dessert Basket Item 11 - Cookies, Cupcakes and Desserts, Oh My!

If you have a sweet tooth and love to bake, this is the basket for you!  Kuhn Rikon cookie press gun, Wilton cake decorating course books (1 & 2), set of 4 dessert plates, Calphalon silicon baking mat, Wilton Silly Feet silicon backing cups, and more makes this basket a winner for the winner.

Value $102 – Donated by Mary Lee.
Cats Basket
Item 12 - Cats! Cats! Cats!

Dog people might not be interested but Cat people will die to win this basket full of cat-cessories!  Includes Charlie Harper Cattitude note cards, TeNeues, a Cat’s Life set, Niquea.D cards, Cat beanie baby and more. 

Value $88 – Donated by Mary Lee.
Winter Basket
Item 13 - Winter Wonderland Gift Basket

Begin your Christmas decorating early with this elegant array of wintery trimmings.  And you can keep them up through February celebrating the beauty and wonder of the winter season! 

Value $100 – Donated by Rosalind Franklin University College of Pharmacy.
SIUE logo
Item 14 - SIUE Gift Basket

Are you a Cougar Alum or maybe just a friend of the school of pharmacy?  This basket offers a variety of SIUE logo gear for you use and wear! 

Value $100 – Donated by the School of Pharmacy.
UIC logo
Item 15 - UIC Gift Basket

An alum of the oldest college of pharmacy in the State and 2nd oldest in the country?  This basket is for you!  Show your school spirit and win this collection of UIC logo gear! 

Value $100 – Donated by the UIC College of Pharmacy
Bose Speaker
Item 16 - Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker
When a speaker this small sounds this good, you’ll never leave it behind.  It’s super small, super waterproof and super rugged. 

Value $100 – Donated by Maggie Allen, Melissa Dyrdahl, Jo Ann Haley, Jan Mark, Heidi Sunday and Trish Wegner.
Money Treee
Item 17 - The Money Tree

Don’t you wish money grew on trees?  Win this one and it might!  This money tree contains a variety of scratch off lottery tickets that could win you lots and lots of cash, but you won’t know until and if you win. 

Value Unknown (potentially thousands) – Donated by Karin Terry.
Mary Kay Basket
Item 18 - Mary Kay Satin Body Package

This package includes a large tube of Satin Body Shea Scrub, Body Wash and Body Lotion to make your skin feel soft and smooth. 

Value $54 – Donated by Ed Rainville.
Item 19 - Two $25 Binny's Beverage Depot Gift Cards

Two $25 gift cards for whatever your heart desires from Binny’s makes up this great prize.  As Coach Q (Chicago Blackhawks’ coach) says “If you can’t find it at Binny’s, it’s probably not worth drinking!” 

Value $50 – Donated by Chris Quillian.
Olive Garden
Item 20 - $50 Olive Garden Gift Card

Enjoy your favorite Italian dishes or a simple soup and salad lunch at the Olive Garden and enjoy them even more by winning this gift card!

Value $50 – Donated by Tom Westerkamp.
Amazon gift card Item 21 - $50 Amazon Gift Card

What you buy is up to you on Amazon and this gift card will make it even easier! 

Value $50 - Donated by Tom Westerkamp.
Item 22 - $50 Starbucks Gift Card

Treat yourself to the Latte of the Day, Flavor of the Month or maybe even a couple of bags of your favorite Starbucks roast with the big gift card! 

Value $50 – Donated by Abby Kahaleh.
Amazon gift card Item 23 - $20 Amazon Gift Card

What you buy is up to again with this second Amazon gift card.  Try to win them both to make your purchase even easier. 

Value $20 – Donated by Abby Kahaleh.
Rum Basket
Item 24 - Fall Rum and Schnapps Basket

Royale Club Butterscotch Schnapps, Cruzan Rum, Rondiaz Spiced Rum and Captain Morgan’s Jack-O-Blast will warm you when the fall breezes begin to blow and will make interesting cocktail conversations with the friends you invite to enjoy them with you. 

Value $50 – Donated by Jim Owen.
Vodka Basket
Item 25 - Rooty-Tooty Really Fruity Vodka Basket

Kick this basket off with bottles of Smirnoff Grape and Strawberry vodkas, add Ciroc Apple and French Vanilla vodkas and finish it off with Effen Blood Orange vodka and you can make a fruity martini of almost any type!  Too bad they don’t contain vitamin C! 

Value $65 – Donated by Jim Owen.

ICHP Basket
Item 26 - ICHP Logo Basket

Everybody should throw in one ticket here.  The ICHP logo basket features one of about everything we’ve put our initials on over the last year or so.  Lunch box, umbrella, coffee mug, playing cards, flashlight, pen, and who knows what else! 

Value Priceless (actually around $30) – Donated by ICHP.