ICHP Position Statement - Pharmacist's Role in Transitions of Care

ICHP supports the leadership role of pharmacists and their involvement in medication management during transitions of care to optimize patient outcomes.

Pharmacists’ in depth, evidence-based knowledge of medication therapy positions them to contribute to improved patient outcomes during care transitions.  Among the processes that pharmacists can lead are:

  • Medication history on admission
  • Medication reconciliation review on admission, transfer, and discharge
  • Discharge medication access and counseling
  • Post-discharge follow-up

The success of optimizing patient outcomes during transitions of care requires:

  • Multidisciplinary support and collaboration
  • Effective integration of the pharmacy team which may include pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy students, and pharmacy residents
  • Electronic health records accessible by both inpatient and outpatient  providers
  • Systematic measurement of objective outcomes

More information on specific components of Pharmacists’ involvement in transitions of care can be found on the ASHP Policy Positions page.

Revised 7/2019