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Welcome New Members!

Joined in August
  • Sanad Abduljawad
  • Ariana Abercrumbie  (recruited by: Suzette Porter)
  • Blanca Almanza
  • Nadine Alwawi
  • Joette Amundaray Miller (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Alexander Antolak
  • Marie Aquilino
  • Sabrina Bahrawer Najibi
  • Dallas Banning
  • Jessica Beamon
  • Neha Belter
  • Trisha Benjamin (recruited by: Christie Schumacher)
  • Mark Biagi  (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Justin Bladecki
  • Alec Blair (recruited by: Brentson Wolf)
  • Alexandria Brown
  • Emily Brown
  • Terrence Brown (recruited by: Noelle Chapman)
  • Ebony Buchanan (recruited by: Janice Maeweather)
  • David Bunting  (recruited by: Brit Der)
  • Chris Butler
  • Greg Byington
  • Kevin Caguitla
  • Adam Chanthaboury
  • Philip Cho (recruited by: Brit Der)
  • Katelyn Clem
  • Candice Coleman
  • Jennifer Collins (recruited by: Jennifer Austin-Szwak)
  • Taylor Conklin (recruited by: Noelle Chapman)
  • Tamika Cosby-Sanders (recruited by: Jessy Johnson)
  • Emily Cuffe
  • Christian Dayrit
  • Raymond DeMatteo
  • Nicole Epplin (recruited by: Erika Diericx)
  • Angela Fietko (recruited by: Matthew Gimbar)
  • Paul Fina
  • Justin Fisher
  • Beatrice Fonge
  • Jeanette Francis
  • Korinne Frankford
  • Stephany Galindo
  • Palak Gandhi
  • Amanda Gerberich (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Brent Greer
  • Sheana Gupta (recruited by: Kristi Stice)
  • Courtney Hill
  • Allison Hotop
  • Naveen Iqbal
  • Shenita Jackson (recruited by: Erin Hermes)
  • Ashley Jensen
  • Sidney Jones (recruited by: Brenda Philpot)
  • Mphamvu Kalengamaliro
  • Nawpreet Kaur
  • Tehreem Khaliq
  • Attiya Khan
  • Tejani Khushbu (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Philip Kwon
  • Abby Landewee
  • Michelle Lee (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Grace Lim
  • Lan-His Lin (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Kelly Loredo (recruited by: Linda Fred)
  • Amber Lucas
  • Bushra Mapara
  • Sarah Mauney (recruited by: Anna Stewart)
  • Ashley McClure-Wolfson (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Brianna McQuade (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Kristine Mendoza-Palma
  • Debra Miller (recruited by: Tiffany Kiehna)
  • William Moore (recruited by: Noelle Chapman)
  • Anthony Negri (recruited by: Brentson Wolf)
  • Patrick Nelson
  • Jannathul Newaz
  • Anna Ngo
  • Olankie Oladeji
  • Dishaben Patel
  • Juhi Patel
  • Krishna Patel (recruited by: Bernardine Patterson)
  • Mikiben Patel
  • Bernardine Patterson
  • Omar Perez
  • Wanda Peterson (recruited by: Tina Lewis)
  • Brian Phan (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Tamara Polus
  • Daria Polyarskaya
  • Erin Pozzolano (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Jamal Pratt
  • Lauren Purvis
  • Isha Rana (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Smita Rausaria
  • Betlhem Reda
  • Sara Revolinski (recruited by: George MacKinnon)
  • Samantha Rimas
  • Brandy Rodenberg (recruited by: Dawn Dankenbring)
  • Stephanie Rojas (recruited by: Ina Henderson)
  • Abbey Romine
  • Karina Rudenberg (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Anastasia Rujevcan (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Shea Ryan (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Ilya Rybakov
  • Nailah Salawu
  • Jennifer Saric (recruited by: Ann Jankiewicz)
  • Madison Schmidt
  • Anooj Shah
  • Sonya Sial
  • Kaitlin Siela (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Emily Skiles
  • Meighan Smith
  • Ambika Soni
  • Robert Stafford (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Emily Stasinopoulos (recruited by: Jean Campbell)
  • Brenisha Strickland
  • Lesley Swick
  • Felix Tam
  • Xing Tan (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Ruchi Thakkar
  • Yash Thakkar (recruited by: Brit Der)
  • Joseph Tucker
  • Declan Tuffy
  • Maximilian Vitas
  • Ashley Wensing
  • Hannah Whittemore (recruited by: Andy Donnelly)
  • Jasmine Williams
  • Tina Williams (recruited by: Robin Muhammad)
  • Carolina Woloszyn
  • Jeremy Woodyard
  • Edward Yoo
  • Cristina Zavala (recruited by: Rebecca Ohrmund)

Joined in September
  • Eman Abdellatif (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Kaitlyn Acosta
  • Sara Al Azmeh (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Fauwaz Alaswad
  • Naseem Alrafati
  • Amar Amin (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Ambreen Ansari
  • Najma Ansari (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Reham Awad
  • Nilmarie Ayala-Fontanez 
  • Brian Batchelder
  • Tammy Bertrand
  • Rachel Brunner
  • Kristine Bryson (recruited by: Heather Harper)
  • Jola Burnazi (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Sean Burton
  • Victor Camargo
  • Mateo Carrillo
  • Aasmitha Chitturi
  • Aisha Chudhry (recruited by: Sanja Zepcan)
  • Rebecca Conness
  • Magdalena Dankowska
  • Robert Dedo
  • Jacob DeSalvo
  • Kamila Dymala
  • Elizabeth Eastman
  • Lucas Ebie
  • Courtney Erickson
  • Brenna Failla
  • Michael Forst (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • John Foust
  • Samantha Galla
  • Colleen Gallagher
  • Sarah Gallop (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Scott Garvin (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Rachel Goldberg
  • Shannon Goniwiecha (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Dianne Goyco (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Kylie Harris
  • Corinne Hillertz
  • Taylor Holder
  • Brody Howard
  • Heejin Hur
  • Anuradha Jayakody
  • Kevin Johns
  • Nathaniel Johnson
  • Raniah Kareem
  • Sarah Kessler
  • Hanan Khadra (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Menahil Khawaja  
  • Rachel Knight
  • Kelli Lam (recuited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Kelsey LaMartina
  • Adeola Lawal
  • GeMiracle Lee
  • Liza Linde
  • Abbey Londa (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Michelle Masarira (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Amal Massad (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Magdalena Mastalerz 
  • Sheryl Mathew
  • Iryna Mialik
  • Jessica Molnar
  • Michael Montelongo (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Madelyn Montgomery
  • Ammarah Nadeem
  • Noura Najor
  • Ishita Navadia
  • Hunter Novosad
  • Maria Fides Ocampo
  • Maggie Oconnor (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Renae Oelrich
  • Johanna Papanikolia
  • Nicole Papp
  • Dhaval Patel
  • Meagan Pawlak
  • Laura Pawlowski (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Nicolas Pertusi (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Ngoc Pham
  • Olga Piatek
  • Joallyn Porter
  • Matthew Przybylo
  • Dayna Redini (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Olesya Ruspynska
  • Catherine Sanden (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Karina Schoenfeldt (recruited by: Alexis Tandyk)
  • Myra Sheikh
  • Heather Shelton
  • Arthur Sima
  • Riley Skube
  • Joy Tepley
  • Alexa Townsend
  • Carolyn Trout (recruited by: Sara Koehnke)
  • Ernesto Vargas (recruited by: Angelina Raimonde)
  • Janki Vyas
  • Corey Wachter
  • Kelsey Waier
  • Nicole Waring
  • Zachary Weimer
  • Michelle Wysocki

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