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2017 Pharmacy Legislative Day

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Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy
Roosevelt University Fall Update

by Alex Heinz, P2, Secretary; Megan Chan, P2, Professional Development Chair; Selma Dzelil, P2, Vice President

Since our last KeePosted update, we have focused on communication within the chapter, ASHP Midyear preparation, bulletin board improvement, and professional development. Over the last month we have elected a first year pharmacy student (P1) as a liaison to bridge communication between the first year and second year classes. Two students applied by writing a paragraph for the position and the decision was made by a vote from each member of the executive board. The liaison is responsible for posting all SSHP meetings and events on the P1 Facebook page and via email. The P1 liaison is also responsible for the SSHP bulletin board on campus. Any questions that the P1 class may have are directed to the executive board.  With this position, we hope to encourage more students to join and to have students be comfortable asking questions about SSHP. We have already noticed better communication between the P1 and P2 classes, which includes a faster turnaround time for responding to emails. 

After a bulletin board was created in September, we have posted event information and executive board contact information. The bulletin board lies in the hallway near the P1 classroom, where we hope to continue to grab the attention of students. The goal of the bulletin board is to increase student’s exposure to SSHP events, since emails and social media can often be overlooked. We have received complements on the visual presentation of the board. We plan to continue to utilize the bulletin board in addition to other means of communication. 

With ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition less than one month away, many SSHP members have been busy preparing for the meeting, which is being hosted in Las Vegas, NV this year from December 4th - 8th. Many are attending to further learn about fellowships and residencies, participate in events and forums, and even to present posters. From Roosevelt University, four SSHP E-board members will be presenting a poster during the Student Society poster session on the professional development analysis that was conducted. We hope this information will direct organizations at other pharmacy schools to place value on the importance of early exposure to journal club presentations. In addition, three Roosevelt students will be presenting a poster from research conducted through a summer research elective. 

The Student Society poster will represent the need for early journal club exposure in an accelerated 3-year program. We have received feedback from previous fourth year students and professors that journal clubs have been an area that needs improvement for students on APPEs. We have analyzed the current understanding of students on journal clubs, as well as students’ comfort level towards academic literature. On the summer elective research poster, students will present the conclusion of a systematic review on abuse deterrent formulations of oxycodone. 

As a part of professional development, a journal club presentation was hosted by SSHP based on the article Pioglitazone after Ischemic Stroke or Transient Attack. Students were provided with the journal club article approximately one month prior to the presentation date to allow for adequate time for review. For many, it was their first experience attending a journal club and being exposed to this learning experience. Students were welcome to either observe or to participate in the discussion. Preparing students for future journal clubs in courses, rotations, and residencies is a valuable service we hope to continue to promote further learning and preparation. We are planning our next journal club for the early weeks of the winter quarter on a topic that relates to didactic courses in both P1 and P2 classes. 

In December, we plan to house our annual Residency Roundtable event. This event features pharmacy residents from hospitals such as Northwestern, Rush, and Mount Sinai. Each resident will sit at a table with approximately 5 students. The students will get the chance to ask the residents questions and obtain truthful answers in a relaxed atmosphere. The purpose of Residency Roundtable is to encourage the pursuit of residencies, provide unique perspectives, stories, advice, and to calm the anxiety of P1 and P2 students towards residencies. 

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