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2016 Annual Meeting

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Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy
Recent events and additions to SSHP-Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy

by Katarzyna Plis P2 SSHP President, Alexander Heinz P2 SSHP Secretary, Megan Chan P2 Professional Development Chair

The new executive board has been working on adding to and making our chapter stand out among other organizations on campus. Recently, we have decided to give out graduation cords to active members. After contacting ASHP directly, in order to find out any specific requirements, we have found out that there are no specific bylaws, however, that does not stop our SSHP chapter from giving graduation cords. With that in mind we have came up with our own requirements. As we move forward, future members wanting to receive graduation cords need to fulfill these requirements:
  1. Attend guest speaker talks (minimum of two)
  2. Attend and participate in at least three “Journal Clubs” by spring P3 term 
  3. Attend a minimum of two ICHP local or ASHP national meetings 
  4. Be an active member for at least two years  
  5. Complete above requirements by March of graduating year
The new executive board believes that all members of SSHP should participate in the above listed events. However, we understand that some students may have other obligations. By being an active member and participating in all of the above listed events, we can reward those members at the end of their student pharmacist career. 

In addition to our graduation cords, we have created a bulletin board at our school. The goal of the bulletin board is to improve communication between students in the College of Pharmacy at Roosevelt University. The bulletin board will contain descriptions of the board positions with corresponding pictures and contact information. The bulletin board will also contain a calendar of events that will be shared online as well. We wish to add the SSHP mission statement and, possibly, current events depending on student feedback. By implementing the bulletin board, we hope to make it easier for new students to approach the board members and allow for daily recognition of upcoming events.

Lastly, SSHP-RUCOP has been working to organize a fundraiser to offer its students a useful reference for rotations, like the white-coat clipboards. These white-coat clipboards offer a study surface for students to write information on and organize their notes while on rotations. The folding clipboards are made of a lightweight aluminum material and can comfortably fit inside the pocket of white coats, as the name suggests. The clipboard surface provides useful pharmacy information for students to reference such as: normal ranges for various lab values, useful equations, common calculations, and much more. Whether on community, clinical or other rotation settings, students will be able to utilize this compact reference tool to organize all of their notes. 

For the rest of our summer term, we hope to create new opportunities and fundraisers for our SSHP chapter. By utilizing this time off, we hope to organize future events and create a schedule for the upcoming academic year. 

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