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Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy
Professional Poster Symposium Success

by Camille Andrews P2, SSHP Treasurer and Cony Hartnett P2, SSHP Webmaster/Historian

The executive board members of Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy’s Student Society recently had the opportunity to participate in a Patient Education Professional Poster Symposium at Harper College. These patient education posters, designed by second-year pharmacy students, covered a variety of topics related to self-care and non-prescription medications and were presented to a panel of judges, students, and faculty as well as the general public. This experience highlighted the important role that pharmacists play in providing recommendations to patients using over-the-counter medications. There is a great deal of information available to patients via the internet. However, it can be difficult to determine which sources are credible. The pharmacist is able to assess patients and provide appropriate evidence-based recommendations based on the each patient’s needs.

Patient education topics presented at the symposium were selected by pharmacy faculty and randomly assigned to each student group. Patient education topics included: infant teething, heartburn relief, nasal sprays, addiction to over-the-counter cough medications, fever relief in children, cold sores, medication poisoning prevention in children, teen sleep deprivation, children’s wound care, menstrual pain, and over-the-counter medications that impair driving. Each poster topic was presented by teams of 5-6 second-year pharmacy students and judged based on the following criteria: relevance of the information provided, accuracy, visual appearance of the poster, written communication within the poster, and oral presentation. 

It is with great pride that the Student Society at Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy can report that each member of our Executive Board was a part of preparing and presenting all three posters that finished on top. Jordan Faison P2, SSHP President and Ed Principe P2, SSHP Social/Service Chair, were on the third place team, with “Strategies to Relieve Heartburn”. Brett Dunham PS-2, SSHP Vice President was on the team that finished second, with “Preventing Medication Poisoning in Children”. Finishing first, with “One Tooth, Two Teeth: How to Comfort Your Baby While Teething”, was a group that included four SSHP members: Camille Andrews P2, SSHP Treasurer; Joelitta Ansong P2, SSHP Secretary; Cony Hartnett P2, SSHP Webmaster/Historian; and Amanda Mertsching P2, SSHP Professional Development Chair.

For many of us, this was the first time preparing a professional poster and presenting it to an audience outside of our own College of Pharmacy. This was an invaluable experience as students and has helped to prepare us for similar assignments in the future. Due to the successful turn out and interest at Harper College, the symposium will be held on an annual basis. Furthermore, following feedback from students and faculty at both colleges, our SSHP Chapter is looking into initiating a number of other educational presentations at Harper College. We hope to speak to students, especially those interested in working towards a career in the medical field, about stress management, preparing for graduate level programs, and medication related topics, such as preventing and identifying abuse. 


Winning team pictured from left to right: Cony Hartnett, SSHP Webmaster/Historian; Joelitta Ansong, SSHP Secretary; Ned Loy, Camille Andrews, SSHP Treasurer; Amanda Mertsching, SSHP Professional Development Chair; and Justin Santos.

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