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Sixth Annual Under the Dome is Under Our Belts!

The 6th Annual Under the Dome – Illinois Pharmacy Legislative Day came and went with an overwhelming success! Three of Illinois’ constitutional officers along with 3 Senators and 19 Representatives visits with attendees at the Legislative... Read More

The GAS From Springfield: Our List has Gotten Longer

We started our list of bills last month, and it is now much longer and the issues have gotten much more serious.  There are a couple of real winners in this month’s batch, but that’s to be expected from the Illinois General Assembly.By... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - Let's Get Ready to Rumble

January 31st is the first day of session for the Illinois General Assembly, and February 10th and the 16th are the deadlines for bill introduction in the Senate and House, respectively.  But we all know that in Illinois politics there are no real ... Read More

Veto Session is Upon Us!

The two week (we use the term week loosely) 2011 veto session takes place in the last full week of October and the first full week in November. This year no pharmacy bills have been vetoed, and we don’t anticipate any new pharmacy related legisl... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - Medicaid Reimbursement: Time for a Change in the Model

In early June, Governor Quinn signed the 2012 Illinois Budget cutting with his amendatory pen some 276 million dollars from the Medicaid program.  Some of those cuts have been aimed at pharmacy reimbursement for Medicaid outpatient medications. &n... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - HB0220 Could Have Serious Repercussions!

House Bill 0220 was passed by both chambers of the General Assembly on May 28th.  The bill wasn’t on our radar for a variety of reasons.   First, it was originally an amendment to the Medical Practice Act and didn’t have anything... Read More

Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!The 97th General Assembly is ready to begin their attack on the State deficit, the Governor’s appointees, and much more over the next four to five months, and we’re ready to keep a watchful eye.  One of the bills we... Read More

Legislative Day 101 Coming Your Way!

It’s January in Illinois, and while the General Assembly’s productivity has been more than suspect the last several years, it is still time to gear up for another legislative session with hope, anticipation, and excitement. And in order to ... Read More

The GAS From Springfield

The following letter does not represent the opinion of ICHP or its employees.Dear Readers,The night before this past election, I had a dream about my mother. My mother, Alta Lacey, was born in 1912 and voted in every election until she passed away at t... Read More

Are You Ready for Some Fee Increases?

It’s fall and you’ve probably heard this on the TV a hundred times already, “Are you ready for some football?” Well if you haven’t already read the “Board of Pharmacy News” in this issue, you may want to before... Read More

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