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The GAS from Springfield - Provider Status in Illinois?

California has now joined New Mexico and North Carolina in passing a bill that allows pharmacists (some, not all) to practice closer to the top of their training. Senate Bill 493 passed the California Assembly and was promptly signed by Governor Jerry ... Read More

The GAS from Springfield - Time to gear up for the elections of 2014!

The last few months have not been pretty both at the state and federal levels. The pension fight or rather the paycheck fight over the pension fight between Governor Quinn, and the General Assembly leaders, Michael Madigan and John Cullerton, accomplis... Read More

The GAS from Spingfield - Slow and steady wins the race!

As usual we’re referencing the tortoise and the hare, one of Aesop’s fables when we use that term and we compare it to a process that seems to take forever while slowly moving forward. That’s the case on the most recent update of the ... Read More

The GAS from Springfield - The New Practice Act Rules Are Here! The New Practice Act Rules Are Here!

At the July 9th Illinois Board of Pharmacy meeting, the staff of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation released a significant rewrite of the Illinois Pharmacy Practice Act Rules. The rewrite included several clarifications of existing... Read More

The GAS from Springfield - Session Ends, Pharmacy Escapes!

The 2013 Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly has adjourned and Pharmacy escaped relatively unharmed! That’s the good news. The bad news is, that the pension problems still remain, the 2014 budget spends 2 billion dollars more than las... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - Are We There Yet? Spring Session Winds Down

We’re not home yet but we continue to fight off the bad bills and push for the good ones (if there are any!). The newest development in May occurred when HB0084 made it out of the House and moved quickly through the Senate Committee process. This... Read More

The GAS from Springfield - So Far, So Good on the Legislative Front!

We may have just jinxed ourselves with the title of this issue’s column but it is, so far, so good!  The 7th Annual Under the Dome, Illinois Pharmacy Legislative Day held jointly with the Illinois Pharmacists Association held March 13t... Read More

The GAS from Springfield - Are “Biosimilars” Really that Dangerous?

Are “Biosimilars” really that dangerous? You sure would think so if you listened to the lobbyists from Genentech and Amgen in Springfield. These two biologic agent manufacturers have asked Senator Antonio Munoz to sponsor SB1934 that ... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - Shootout at the Not OK Corral!

During the infamous 2013 “Lame Duck Session” of the 97th General Assembly, not much really happened. Yes, illegal immigrants can obtain a driver’s license, and yes a gaming bill passed and awaits a potential Governor’s vet... Read More

The GAS from Springfield - 2012 Illinois Election Recap and What It Means for ICHP

Wednesday November 7, 2012 was a very exciting day for most Illinoisans. The incessant,obnoxious campaign commercials had finally stopped running!All members of the Illinois General Assembly were up for election this year. This was the first election u... Read More

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