College Connection - MWU - Giving Back to the Profession: My Time with ICHP

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as the Midwestern chapter’s ICHP president for the 2010-2011 school year.  My time spent in this role proved to be a valuable learning experience.  I became involved in ICHP early in my... Read More

College Connection - CSU - Networking in Denver with ASHP

This summer, before beginning my P3 year, I was lucky enough to attend the ASHP 2011 Summer Meeting in Denver, Colorado.  I have never been to a national meeting before.  I wanted to experience all it had to offer, and represent CSU-COP to th... Read More

College Connection - UIC - Stark Contrasts and Lessons Learned

A strong storm hit Chicago suburbs Monday July 11, causing severe power outages for 850,000 ComEd customers, with some customers out of electricity up to five days. The thought of no electricity takes me back to my one night stay at the jungle in Iquit... Read More

College Connection- SIUE - Looking Ahead

Back to school! The month of August not only signals the start of classes, but also time to recruit for our local SSHP organization. Last year we had a record number of members, and we hope to have an even more successful membership drive this year.&nb... Read More

Directly Speaking - USP 797: It’s been three years!

Directly Speaking - USP 797: It’s been three years! Yes, it’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since USP 797 was released, and the world of sterile product preparation was called on the carpet!  In May, Mary Baker, mem... Read More

Hi Tech - Just a Few Things...

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer. To my diehard fans, sorry I missed last month’s deadline for my article. I am in the process of writing an article that could potentially change someone’s life, but it is taking a lot of inve... Read More

Highlights of July Meeting - 2011

Highlights of the July Meeting - 2011 The July Illinois Board of Pharmacy Meeting was held on Tuesday, July 12th in the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago.  The following are the highlights of that meeting.Match RxJohn Kello, CEO of Match Rx, a ... Read More

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund - It’s on! Auction With A Twist Online in August

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund - It’s on!  Auction With A Twist Online in August If you are naturally lucky, just feeling lucky or ready to change your luck, the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund Auction With A Twist is online from August 29th through S... Read More

New Practitioners Network - Surviving a Pharmacy Practice Residency 101

In the Beginning Be prepared. Know the expectations to which you will be held. You will likely be given a residency manual or other orientation materials. Be sure to thoroughly review the information so that you can adhere to the rules and regulations... Read More

Report of the President

Report of the President 2011 During my typical commute to work, I was listening to ESPN 1000 sports radio and they had dedicated that day’s broadcast to the V Foundation. For those unfamiliar with the foundation, it was started in honor of Jim... Read More

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