Big Experiences in “the Big Easy”

Recently, over 30 members of the SSHP at the SIUE School of Pharmacy attended the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting (MCM).  Of the 30 students who attended, 9 were third year students.  Some students, especially those who are not P-4s, may not se... Read More

Passing the Torch: Pharmacy Wisdom My Preceptors Have Bestowed Upon Me

It’s hard to believe that I am more than halfway done with my rotations and next year I will be a licensed pharmacist! I would like to take this opportunity to impart to my fellow students a few pharmacy “pearls” that my precepto... Read More

Staying Patient-Centered With the Small Things: A Student Perspective

This past summer, I had the pleasure of working in the Anti-thrombosis Clinic at UIC Outpatient Care Center. Patients came in to get their INR finger-stick tested and to meet with the pharmacist for counseling on warfarin management. As the technician,... Read More

Recent Reformulation of Infant Acetaminophen Products

From the Illinois Poison Center11-Nov 2011The recent changes to the concentration of brand and generic pediatric acetaminophen products have led to several phone calls to the Illinois Poison Center involving therapeutic errors and patient or health car... Read More

A Summer Job Became So Much More

When I first walked into Vista East Medical Center to apply for a pharmacy technician position, I had no idea it would bring me to where I am today. At the time, working per diem seemed like a great summer job for a new college student. I was committed... Read More

Get to Know SIUE’s New Executive Board!

Brice Foose, President I am a P3. This year as SSHP President, I would like to educate fellow students at SIUE about residencies and opportunities within health-system pharmacy, raise funds to reimburse SSHP members attending ICHP and ASHP meetings, ... Read More

Pharmacy Tech Day - October 25, 2011

One of the many topics of conversation that I hear from technicians throughout the state about this time of year is Pharmacy Tech Day activities. Some of you that work at large institutions say that it is hard for you to do anything special for the tec... Read More

Therapy for Nervous Energy: A Look into the Student’s Perspective of ICHP Annual

The student attendance at ICHP’s Annual Meeting this year was both exciting and record breaking. At the same time, however, with today’s challenging job market and increasing emphasis on additional training for students, these numbers were ... Read More

New Practitioners Network - Calling New Practitioners ... Join the NPN e-board!

College students are back to class, the new residents are starting to get in the groove, and those out of residency are starting in new positions across the area. So, what’s next? Why not get more involved in ICHP!  The New Practitioners Net... Read More

PAC Auction with a Twist is Live

Whether you have supported the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund before or not, it might be worth your while to consider it today!  The “bidding” has begun for the Auction With A Twist to support ICHP’s political action committee and you... Read More

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