Champion Profile - Liz Gorski

July 15, 2012

Liz Gorksi Champ

Where did you go to pharmacy school?
Creighton University in Omaha, NE

Trace your professional history since graduation.
I completed my PGY1 residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I spent the first 1.5 years after my residency as a General Medicine/Anticoagulation Pharmacist at NMH. In September 2010, I accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Midwestern University and initiated clinical pharmacy services in the Emergency Department at NMH.

Describe your current practice setting.
I spend 80% of my time working as a clinical pharmacist in the Emergency Department at NMH. Some of my tasks include optimizing medication use through interaction with the emergency department team, performing medication order review, participating in high-risk procedures including resuscitation, monitoring use of high-risk medications, providing drug information to physicians, nurses, and patients, and precepting residents and students from Northwestern and Midwestern University. The other 20% of my time is spent at Midwestern University in lecture and workshop settings.

What do you like about being an ICHP Champion?
It is a relatively simple way to get involved in my statewide pharmacy organization. As a Champion, I am able to promote participation in the organization and at the same time become more aware of what is going on with our profession on a broader level.

How long have you been a Champion?
A little over 2 years

What benefits are there for being a Champion and member of ICHP?
Obviously there are so many ways to get involved in various ICHP committees and roles. Aside from the ability to have a direct impact on the profession, ICHP provides a ton of great networking opportunities to learn from your colleagues at other practice sites.

What made you decide to become a Champion?
At the time, I had recently completed my residency and was looking for a better way to become more directly involved in ICHP as a practitioner.

What responsibilities do you have as a Champion?
I promote ICHP activities at NMH and encourage non-members to join. I am responsible for hosting the monthly webinars that ICHP provides, which are great continuing education opportunities for the staff.

What advice do you give others who are considering becoming a Champion at their institution?
It is a relatively simple way to get involved and promote the organization. If you are looking to become an active member in ICHP, then this is a great way to start.

Do you have any hobbies outside of pharmacy?
I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring the city, traveling, and running.

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