Report of the President

by Carrie Sincak, ICHP President
August 15, 2011

Report of the President 2011

During my typical commute to work, I was listening to ESPN 1000 sports radio and they had dedicated that day’s broadcast to the V Foundation.

For those unfamiliar with the foundation, it was started in honor of Jim Valvano, coach for the North Carolina State University basketball team and award-winning broadcaster, who had lost his battle with cancer. In 1993, he gave an inspirational and emotional ESPY award acceptance speech that is still one of the best speeches to date, in my opinion.  In his speech, he talked about three things you should do each day to make it a full day.  The first is to laugh every day.  The second is to think.  And the third is to have your emotions move you to tears, including tears of happiness.  If these three things can be achieved every day of the week, you are connected to what makes you passionate and you’re on to something special.

When I began my presidential term, I encouraged everyone to become connected to their profession.  That connection would allow us to not only grow professionally but as an organization.  I believe ICHP has grown over the past year and would be remiss if I didn’t highlight the diligent work of the organization’s Divisions and Committees this year.

Marketing Affairs created a Social Media Strategy Committee to help further connect with our members to provide timely news regarding emerging local, statewide and national pharmacy issues.  ICHP can now be found on Twitter®, Facebook® and YouTube®.  If you have not done so, I would encourage you to sign up and see everything ICHP has to offer.

Professional Affairs has created some very valuable and resourceful toolkits for our members. The three toolkits that are currently on our website include: 1) Preceptor Training, 2) Residency Program – Starting a Residency Program, and 3) Starting a Student Internship.

In September of last year, through the meticulous work of the Division of Organizational Affairs, our members voted and approved the updated Constitution and Bylaws of ICHP.  To keep us up to date, Organizational Affairs is reviewing ICHP’s Policies and Procedures to ensure consistency with the goals of the revised Constitution and Bylaws.

Government Affairs worked tirelessly addressing and resolving concerns our organization had with the drafts of the Illinois Pharmacy Practice Act Rules. The final version should now provide clear and complete guidance to all licensed pharmacists and registered technicians and students. As always, the Division did a great job working with the ICHP staff and IPhA on this year’s “Under the Dome – 2011 Pharmacy Legislative Day,” which was held in March.

Educational Affairs continues to provide our members with outstanding educational programming for the Annual and Spring meetings.  Programming allows education for everyone, regardless of practice, with a variety of topics such as management, pharmacy operations, technology, clinical pearls, and student forums to name a few.  Not only is programming timely but also provides interactive learning sessions for our members.

Currently, ICHP’s Strategic Planning Subcommittee is finalizing our Strategic Plan.  This committee used feedback from the Leadership Retreat; member needs assessment survey; and feedback from the Divisions. This will help provide the framework of charges for Division and Committee work for the next couple of years.

Obviously I have left out many other accomplishments of our Divisions, Committees, Affiliates, and staff so I encourage you to read each issue of KeePosted to stay current with our dedicated and active organization.

In his speech, Jim Valvano also mentioned that he could not succeed in his career had it not been without people.  He was at his best when he motivated, stimulated and entertained people.  My inaugural address encouraged each of us to make a connection with our profession and pay it forward.  I hope within the past year I did so with motivation, stimulation, and laughter.  I want to thank the ICHP office staff, the Board of Directors, and all the members for this great opportunity.  I have learned a great deal and have been rewarded with much more than I have given.  ICHP is a strong organization and will continue to advance the profession of Pharmacy one day and one enthusiastic member at a time.  ΓΆβ€"Β    

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