Meeting the New Faces of the MWU ICHP Executive Board

by Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy SSHP E-board
July 15, 2011

Xin Yang – President
I am the new student president of ICHP at MWU. I enjoyed all of the professional and networking opportunities that ICHP had to offer this past year, and I loved the camaraderie I shared with the e-board members. I look forward to working with the new e-board to share the same friendships. I am also very excited about the upcoming academic year because of the foundation we had laid for two new patient care projects. I am very eager to carry out our goals to see how these projects will impact both our members and the community.

Gary Chow – Vice President
I am now serving as the new Vice President of ICHP at Midwestern University. I am very thrilled to serve another year as an E-board member for ICHP. This year I hope to expand and provide new opportunities for the members of ICHP. I look forward to work with the new E-Board and build upon the success of ICHP in previous years. I hope that our services will help give students a better understanding of the various fields of pharmacy.

Eduardo Magallanes - Secretary
I will be the secretary for Midwestern University’s ICHP chapter. I am elated to continue the great work of past members and I look forward in continuing the excellence and growth of our chapter. I hope my contributions on the executive board will have a great impact on the positive future of our chapter.

Ryan Lewan - Professional Chair
In my role as the ICHP PS-1 class liaison during the last year, I was able to see that ICHP is an organization dedicated to educating future pharmacists about possible career paths.  ICHP provides students with opportunities to directly experience these paths and network with established professionals.  As the new professional chair, I am excited to continue this trend as well as to explore new opportunities to bring to students here at Midwestern.

Nancy Lee - Treasurer
I am extremely excited to be part of the new ICHP board at Midwestern University serving as the Treasurer. I hope to further expand ICHP on our campus and offer my skills in not only budgeting, but to all aspects of this organization. I am looking forward to this upcoming year and to all the opportunities that our new board will bring to ICHP.

Ayumi Oda - Fundraising Chair
I am very excited and honored to serve as the Fundraising Chair this upcoming school year!  I have heard so many positive things about ICHP in the past and the impact that ICHP is capable of having on the career of pharmacy.  I look forward to being able to serve as part of the executive board of such an inspiring and proactive organization.  As the Fundraising Chair, I intend to carry on the various fundraisers that were held this past year as well as possibly incorporating some other new ideas.  I look forward to welcoming incoming students while educating myself and others about potential careers in hospital pharmacy.

Lori Anami - Social Chair
Hi ICHP! My name is Lori Anami and I am the 2011-12 ICHP Social Chair. My goal for the upcoming year is to put together fun events where members can not only come to take a break from school, but also to get to know one another on a more personal level and build friendships within the organization. I’m excited to become more involved in ICHP and look forward to working with my fellow e-board in helping this organization grow in the next year!

Minh Nguyen - Membership Chair
Hello ICHPers! As the MWU ICHP membership chair, I plan to promote and push ICHP to the forefront and show the incoming students why being a part of this organization is so great. I am very excited for the upcoming school year and about the opportunities that ICHP provides for us students. Let’s all work together and make this year an awesome one!

Adrienne Ordonez - Historian
I am very excited and am looking forward to serving ICHP as the Historian.  ICHP has such great events and opportunities, and I hope to document everything with photos!  In addition, I plan on continuing to find and contribute many more awesome articles for the KeePosted. Lastly, I hope to help our chapter grow to make this year a great one for our current and future members! ΓΆβ€"Β 

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