ICHP is Going Digital

March 15, 2011

By receiving KeePosted and dues invoices digitally, you can help ICHP “go green!”  

“Going Green” by reducing the amount of paper, postage, and print production means more than being environmentally friendly… it’s financially friendly to ICHP and its members!

In 2010, ICHP spent $18,798.42 in postage alone to mail KeePosted to members.  We incurred another $30,715.89 in KeePosted production costs through a local printing company.

Online KeePosted will still include all the information you have enjoyed in the past.  By offering our newsjournal digitally, we will be able to share even more great articles and event photos, in color, and now even audio/video features!

Starting in July, individuals with an email address on file will only receive the digital version of KeePosted.  We are excited for this change and we know many of you are, too!  We discovered from our 2010 Members’ Needs Assessment that 96% of survey participants would be satisfied if ICHP began offering KeePosted digitally only.

For members who want to continue receiving the printed version, the ICHP office will print KeePosted in-house for individual members at the cost of $30 per year.  This amount roughly covers the annual cost of production and postage per KeePosted printed in-house.  The print option will be offered with each dues renewal on a separate line on the dues invoice.  Prior to receiving your first dues renewal, any member who would like to continue to receive a printed copy would need to call the ICHP office to purchase at a pro-rated price.  

Members will be notified by email that a new issue is available online.  The email will include a direct link to the ICHP website where a full PDF of KeePosted is available for download.  Members can read current and back issues at anytime by going to our website, clicking on “Publications” then “KeePosted.”

Later in 2011, ICHP will transition to emailing dues invoices as well.  Details of that change will be forthcoming.  If ICHP doesn’t have your current email address, it is more important than ever to call or email the office to provide it now!

Thank you for your support as ICHP goes digital!  ΓΆβ€"Β  

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