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Directly Speaking - Start planning the celebration now!

Start planning the celebration now! by Scott A. Meyers, Executive Director While it seems a long time until October, this is probably the last KeePosted issue you will see until we’ve arrived in the very month of my birth. But I don... Read More

Illinois Pharmacy Technician Licensure Process Change

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Leadership Profile - August 2017

Meet Megan Hartranft, PharmDWhat is your current leadership position in ICHP?  I currently serve as a member of ICHP’s Government Affairs Committee and as NISHP Treasurer.  What benefits do you see in being active in a professional ... Read More

IV Compounding Management and Delivery Tracking System from Ariel Health System Applications

What is it?Verify IV Compounding ManagementWireless barcode-based system that utilizes handheld barcode readers or mountable computers with a barcode reader integrated on the screen. Allows technicians to prepare intravenous (IV) admixtures and comp... Read More

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