The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists (ICHP) asserts that members of the pharmacy profession must not practice while subject to physical or mental impairment due to the influence of drugs and/or chemical substances that might adversely affect their ability to function properly in their professional capacity.

ICHP is committed to assist the chemically dependent member of the pharmacy profession toward recovery from this disease through education, information, referral and peer support. ICHP encourages healthcare employers to do the same.  Maintenance of the Illinois Health Professionals Program is essential to this effort.

It is therefore imperative that resources be adequately and thoughtfully applied on a continuous basis to both educating society of the dangers of this public health problem and treating those who have become addicted.

ICHP encourages those responsible for curricular pharmacy education to allocate attention to substance use, misuse and addiction.

ICHP supports the efforts of both governmental and private organizations in addressing substance abuse and chemical dependency and recommends that they periodically reassess the effectiveness of their processes of deterrence and treatment.

 Revised 09/2014