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ICHP Mission Statement
Advancing Excellence in the Practice of Pharmacy

ICHP Vision Statement
ICHP dedicates itself to achieving a vision of pharmacy practice where:
  • Pharmacists are universally recognized as health care professionals and essential providers of health care services.
  • Patients are aware of the training, skills, and abilities of a pharmacist and the fundamental role that pharmacists play in optimizing medication therapy.
  • Formally educated, appropriately trained, and PTCB certified pharmacy technicians manage the medication distribution process with appropriate pharmacist oversight.
  • Pharmacists improve patient care and medication safety through the development of effective public policies by interacting and collaborating with patients, other health care professionals and their respective professional societies, government agencies, employers and other concerned parties.
  • Evidence-based practices are used to achieve safe and effective medication therapies.
  • There are an adequate number of qualified pharmacy leaders within the pharmacy profession.
  • Pharmacists take primary responsibility for educating pharmacy technicians, pharmacy students, pharmacist peers, other health professionals, and patients about appropriate medication use.

KeePosted Vision
As an integral publication of the Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists, the KeePosted newsjournal will reflect its mission and goals. In conjunction with those goals, KeePosted will provide timely information that meets the changing professional and personal needs of Illinois pharmacists and technicians, and maintain high publication standards.

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Attention ASHP Pharmacist Members
It’s Time to Elect Delegates to ASHP’s House

by Scott A. Meyers, Executive Vice President

The ASHP Summer meeting for 2015 will be held in Denver and in 2016 it could be anywhere! For 2016, ASHP hasn’t identified the city yet and who knows which cities are high on the list with ASHP at decision time?  

Regardless of where the meetings will take place, ICHP needs to elect three delegates to join Miriam Mobley-Smith and Desi Kotis as the Illinois delegation for 2015 and then continue on in 2016. Delegate candidates must be ASHP pharmacist members, plan on attending the ASHP Summer Meetings for both 2015 and 2016 at their own expense, attend one of the Chicago-based Regional Delegate Conferences each May, and provide their own nomination via e-mail, fax or mail to the ICHP office by October 24, 2014. Nominees must provide nomination statements which include years of membership in ASHP, current employment position, pharmacy association memberships, volunteer experiences related to pharmacy associations and any other relevant information the potential candidate would like to include. However, candidate statements must be limited to 250 words or less.  The ICHP Committee on Nominations will select the final six candidates for this year’s ballot. The three candidates receiving the highest vote totals will be credentialed as delegates for 2015 and 2016 and the remaining three candidates will serve as alternate delegates for 2015 only.

The 2015 Summer Meeting is scheduled for June 6-10, 2015 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. No date or site has been set for the 2016 event but we know it should be in early June of that year. Delegates and alternate delegates are reimbursed for expenses relating to attendance at the Regional Delegate Conferences but all other expenses are the responsibility of the delegates and alternate delegates. ASHP’s House of Delegates is the policy-making body within ASHP and is responsible for approving all ASHP's position statements and practice guidelines.

This is a great opportunity for someone who has served at the State level for some time and wishes to move up within ASHP. It is probably not a good match for someone with no pharmacy association experience.  

Elections will be held in November with all ASHP pharmacist members eligible to vote via the internet. Election results will be announced in the January KeePosted. Interested individuals should send their letter of intent and candidates statement to Scott Meyers at the ICHP office via fax at (815) 227-9294 or e-mail to


President's Message
A Better Formulary

by Mike Fotis, ICHP President

Often it is easy to predict that a newly approved drug will end up a best seller. Sometimes the new medication fills a vacant niche in the marketplace, or is easier to use, or safer, or, once in a while, has better efficacy. Deep pockets in the marketing department can help as well! Aren't there times though that you wonder, “How in the world did THAT medication ever get on the formulary?” There are a couple of simple rules you can apply, so that those “how in the world” statements don't end up applying to your formulary. The best part of these rules is that I believe your Formulary Committee will be very agreeable to adopting these measures. 

Become a Smart Consumer
Don't you think that if a new product costs significantly more money it should provide a clinical benefit over the more established product? If a new medication costs significantly more money, we should require the advocate of this medication to provide high-level evidence of meaningful improvements in safety, administration, or efficacy. By meaningful I mean benefits that are both clinically and statistically significant. Simply put, if a new medication is more costly, it should be better! Can anyone really argue against this rule? 

Focus on Clinical Outcomes 
Keep in mind those terms like novel compound, unique mechanism of action, higher Anti Xa-Anti IIa ratios are NOT examples of clinical benefits. Novel compound only really establishes a new drug as a possible alternative for patients who are intolerant to, or have failed to respond to, established and proven therapies. Findings based on animal models, human cell cultures, laboratory analyses, observational studies and even expert opinions may not provide evidence of meaningful benefit. 

Be Wary of Placebo Trials 
If the evidence of meaningful benefit is provided only by placebo controlled clinical trials, it is time to take a closer look at the patients in these studies. Keep in mind there is a very good chance that patients in this trial are much healthier and very unlike the patients who you intend to treat with medications. After all, there would be a MAJOR ethical problem if all patients in a placebo trial are in need of active treatment. In order to qualify for a placebo study, it is very likely the patients would not meet your criteria as a clinician to initiate treatment. As a result, it is unlikely these studies can be applied to your patients. 

Restrict by Indication rather than Service 
Restrictions by service are very common in pharmacy, particularly for antimicrobials. For example, a new super antibiotic may end up added to the restricted formulary – restricted to infectious diseases. Restriction by service has worked out very well, especially if your goal is to limit use. However, restricting by service can mean that you and your colleagues have to reject medications ordered by the primary care team (which often includes pharmacists), who know the patient the best. When the time comes to defend a formulary decision, and I have had to do this a lot in my career, defending by indication provides a much stronger argument than defending by service. It also fits in better with the goal of your formulary, which is to promote the use of superior medications, and limit the use of inferior medications to specified situations. Restrictions by indication also support an evidence-based practice, as off-label uses that also lack high-level evidence for efficacy and safety will not survive the formulary process. 

By applying these four simple rules, you could end up with a Better Formulary and never have to ask, “How in the world did THAT medication ever get on the formulary?” 

Directly Speaking
Do Something!

by Scott A. Meyers, Executive Vice President

I’m writing this month’s column the day after the 2014 Annual Meeting, and I’m still a little tired. Okay, I’m a lot tired! But I’m also kind of fired up! I saw a lot of things at this meeting that have given me a new energy and excitement for the direction of ICHP. And not because it was bogged down or headed in the wrong direction to begin with, but rather because I saw a lot of young people there – new practitioners, residents, and students! I saw networking with the young and not so young. I saw programming that tells me pharmacy has a bright future!  

The New Practitioners Network was very visible during the Annual Meeting with their NPN Mixer or “Meet Up” as Diana Isaacs, NPN out-going Chair, called it on Friday evening. The turnout was impressive! In addition, the back cover of the Annual Meeting syllabus sported an ad for the upcoming “Walk for the Cure”, a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation that the NPN has signed up for. The walk will be October 5th at Montrose Harbor on the lakeshore in Chicago. There’s still time to sign up and walk with the team (all are welcome) or contribute toward the team’s fundraising goal. To contribute or walk you can sign on at

During the Annual Meeting Town Hall Meeting, an ICHP member asked the ICHP Board to consider helping all six College of Pharmacy Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacists (SSHPs) find a common philanthropic cause to support in order to make a bigger impact in the State. During the same Town Hall Meeting, the Community Service page on the ICHP website was mentioned as a great way for members to publicize any local community service project that is open to other pharmacists, technicians, students, spouses and friends. At the Saturday Awards Luncheon, Director of Professional Affairs, Desi Kotis, complimented all the SSHPs on their efforts in community service and philanthropy when awarding this year’s Student Chapter of the Year Award.

Finally, during her inaugural address, ICHP’s new President, Linda Fred shared one of her favorite quotes by Aaron Sorkin, “Decisions are made by those who show up.” She called on ICHP members to get involved in ICHP activities, department activities and more to help improve our patients' care!

All these different unrelated yet related observations came into clear focus for me this morning as I drove to church. This week’s service was especially important for me because it was a celebration of what many of our members and others from all around Rockford accomplished while renovating and refurbishing another school building this summer in the Rockford School District – the 13th school in 8 years! To make a long story short, as I drove I heard a song that I love by Matthew West titled, “Do Something,” and it just made sense! Here’s the first verse and the chorus; see if you can figure out what I heard:

"Do Something" By Matthew West

I woke up this morning
Saw a world full of trouble now
Thought, how’d we ever get so far down
How’s it ever gonna turn around
So I turned my eyes to Heaven
I thought, “God, why don’t You do something?”
Well, I just couldn’t bear the thought of
People living in poverty
Children sold into slavery
The thought disgusted me
So, I shook my fist at Heaven
Said, “God, why don’t You do something?”
He said, “I did…… I created you”

If not us, then who
If not me and you
Right now, it’s time for us to do something
If not now, then when
Will we see an end
To all this pain
It’s not enough to do nothing
It’s time for us to do something

This is a Christian song, and I know that many ICHP members are Jewish, many others are Muslim, Hindu or other religions while others don’t believe in a higher power. The beauty of living in America is that everyone has the freedom to choose, but regardless, the message is still “Do Something”, if you really want to make a difference. The message (sermon or homily to some of you) at church this morning continued to hammer that message home, and at the end of the service, Matthew West’s song with a great video finished out the service. I sat in my seat and thought, “You’re talking to me!” Surprisingly, I had already planned to write this very article featuring this very song before I even got in my seat.

ICHP’s Board of Directors, Divisions, Committees and all our volunteers and staff work hard to improve pharmacy practice from a variety of directions and with a variety of projects. But we can all do more, or in some cases, something, to help the world around us. We can help build a better medication management system at work, become a more active volunteer within ICHP, contribute to a worthwhile charity, or actively participate in a worthy project with a local non-profit. We can’t wait for somebody else to do it, they won’t! It’s our responsibility and in reality our need to do something that helps others. Why else would we be in health care?

It’s time to do something!

Leadership Profile
Pete Antonopoulos, NISHP President 2013-2014

Where did you go to pharmacy school?
University of Illinois at Chicago

Trace your professional history since graduation. Where have you trained/worked?
I completed a 1-year Pharmacy Practice Residency with a focus on cardiology and critical care. 

Describe your current area of practice and practice setting.
I round with medicine teams post call, so everyday is a new team and group of patients and CCU/cardiology consults. I precept students, participate in research including being a primary investigator and establish guidelines. In general, I’m a jack of all trades. 

What initially motivated you to get involved, and what benefits do you see in being active in a professional association such as ICHP? 
I was a P-1 when I wanted to start a letter drive for the advancement of pharmacy practice, and ICHP was one of the organizations that helped me make it successful. From that experience I ended up doing a rotation at ICHP with Scott Meyers and have slowly been getting more active. If pharmacy is to evolve, we must get involved!

Is there an individual you admire or look up to or a mentor that has influenced your career? 
I admire various pharmacy leaders from Jerry Bauman to David Zilz. Some for their clinical skills, others for their advancement of pharmacy.

Do you have any special interests or hobbies outside of work?
I love playing volleyball on the beach and staying in Chicago during the summer to enjoy all that Chicago has to offer: The fests, movies in the park, Summerdance, etc.

Do you have a favorite restaurant or food?
Greek Islands; it’s the closest to home cooking. The grilled octopus is mouthwatering.

What is your favorite place to vacation?
Anywhere with a beach. I love to travel to new places but also relax on a beach in Greece or Mexico.

What is the most interesting/unique fact about yourself that few people know?
I helped finance/produce a play and have participated in several medical missions.

What 3 adjectives would people use to best describe you?
Passionate, Resourceful, Caring

New Practitioners Network
The Past and Future of NPN

by Diana Isaacs, BCPS, BC-ADM, NPN Chair; Peer reviewed by Shubha Bhat, PharmD

Hello and welcome to ICHP’s New Practitioners Network (NPN). ICHP considers all pharmacists who graduated within the last 10 years to be new practitioners. The NPN is lead by an Executive Committee, which consists of new practitioner leaders that serve as liaisons to ICHP’s five Divisions. These leaders provide a voice and bring back important information and action items to NPN members. The Executive Committee also consists of student liaisons from each Illinois pharmacy school to meet the needs of students as they transition into new practitioners.

I wrote this article to showcase NPN’s great work and encourage new practitioners and students who will soon become new practitioners to join NPN. The NPN continues to grow through the enthusiasm and motivation of its phenomenal members. The sections below highlight some exciting happenings that occurred during the past year within the NPN.

Membership and Outreach
The NPN Executive Committee currently consists of 19 new practitioner leaders. The NPN Executive Committee meets every other month and meeting minutes are posted on ICHP’s website, which are accessible to ICHP members. Each ICHP Division consists of at least two new practitioners. As my term ends at the ICHP Annual Meeting, Brandi Strader will become the Chair and there are two excellent candidates running for the Chair-elect position. 

New Practitioners Column in KeePosted
NPN members can write articles for the NPN column in the KeePosted, which is ICHP’s official newsletter. Past NPN KeePosted topics included residency training, mentorship, provider status, precepting, and board certification. All NPN KeePosted articles are peer reviewed by another NPN member, and a calendar has been created for recommended articles at specific times of year such as interviewing pearls around the time when students are looking for jobs or post-graduate training. There are plenty of opportunities to write and peer-review. If interested, please contact me (contact information is at end of the article). 

Student Leadership Activities
The NPN strives to connect with the student ICHP Chapters, as students are the future new practitioners. Students are encouraged to utilize NPN as a resource for advice, mentorship, speaking opportunities, or guidance for other events where pharmacists are needed. To further facilitate the transition of these students into new practitioners, discussion topics (such as work-life balance and staying up-to-date on clinical information) have become a cornerstone of the NPN meetings. Additionally, this year, the NPN delivered a presentation at the Student Leadership Retreat to describe opportunities for involvement in ICHP after graduation and the benefits of joining such organizations. This presentation was well received by student leaders.   

Ronald McDonald House Volunteer Event
The NPN volunteered at the Lurie Ronald McDonald House in Chicago on April 13th, 2014 for the second year. The event provided both a networking and community service opportunity to the new practitioners. Colleen Czerniak again spearheaded the efforts and volunteers prepared a meal for families with sick children in the hospital. The NPN plans to continue volunteering at this event and hopes to expand to additional Ronald McDonald Houses in other parts of IL for new practitioners outside of Chicago. 

Cubs Game
The NPN attended the annual Cubs game on May 6th, 2014. Nearly fifty new practitioners, residents, and preceptors attended this year’s game to watch the Cubs vs. White Sox match-up. Although it was a cold outing, members expressed that this was a great opportunity to network and see the White Sox win!

ICHP Spring and Annual Meeting NPN Meet-ups
New practitioners met over breakfast at the ICHP Spring Meeting on March 29th, 2014 in Bloomington, IL. Approximately 10 new practitioners were present. Dr. Desi Kotis, the Director of Pharmacy Services at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, facilitated a great discussion, shared pearls of wisdom for new practitioners, and answered questions. The NPN also had a reception at the ICHP Annual Meeting on September 12th, 2014 where the ICHP Board of Directors and other health-system leaders were invited to optimize networking opportunities.

In the Pipeline
The Walk for the Cure is intended to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research and will occur on Sunday Oct 5th, 2014 at Montrose Ave Beach in Chicago, IL. It is a 5K that starts at 9:30 a.m. with registration at 8:30 a.m.  Colleen Czerniak and Huda Marie Kuttab are coordinating this event. ICHP will provide bright orange T-shirts with the quote "Orange you glad hospitals have pharmacists" for all the walkers. All ICHP members are invited and we hope you can join us!

The NPN also plans to participate in Feed My Starving Children on Saturday, January 31st, 2015. This organization strives to eliminate starvation in children, thus, new practitioners will pack meals to be shipped to children who are malnourished in nearly 70 countries around the world. Rebecca Castner, Neha Kapur, and Milena McLaughlin are planning this event. Stay tuned for additional details. We hope to see you there!

I thank the NPN Executive Committee members for all of their hard work this year in helping the NPN grow and be successful. A special thanks goes to Jen Arnoldi, who was last year’s NPN Chair and provided the foundation for a great year. And a big thanks to the ICHP office for all their help and support.  We are lucky to live in Illinois and have such a great state affiliate!

The NPN is dedicated to the growth and success of new practitioners. Whether is it networking, serving as a mentor, seeking volunteer opportunities, or identifying ways to strengthen manuscript and peer reviewing skills, the NPN strives to offer different resources and venues to help new practitioners become strong pharmacists. If you are within ten years of graduating pharmacy school, I hope you will join the NPN today! To join, request more information, or express interest in writing an NPN KeePosted article, please email me at

The GAS From Springfield
This Time the GAS is from DC

by Jim Owen and Scott Meyers

Springfield has been quiet this summer and that’s always a good thing! But Washington, through the auspices of the DEA, has not. Coming on October 6th, that’s just a few days away from this issue’s release, all Hydrocodone Containing Products (HCPs) move to Schedule II controlled substances and must be treated as such nationally and in Illinois! Even though they will be classified as a CIII in the Illinois Controlled Substance Act until emergency rules are promulgated, every requirement of a CII in Illinois will apply to these products immediately.

First, federal law allows for an unlimited days supply of CII’s with no refills.  Not the case in Illinois with HCPs, a 30-day supply is all that is allowed. Only written prescriptions or e-scripts (providing the prescriber’s system is DEA approved) are allowed for routine prescriptions for HCPs. Emergency telephone orders are allowed with the same 7-day in hand requirement. Three consecutive 30-day supply prescriptions may be written for these products.  

Another important ruling from the DEA is that prescriptions for HCPs that were written prior to October 6th with refills may be refilled for up to five refills (if written) or 6 months. The staff at the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation have confirmed that Illinois will also allow this.

Additional fallout will be seen with regard to medical resident prescribing of these products on discharge from the hospital or the ED. Calls come into the ICHP office almost monthly regarding the ability of residents to prescribe CIIs without their own DEA number and this will simply magnify it. Community pharmacies frequently baulk at or refuse to fill these prescriptions but you will see that the Illinois Controlled Substance Act Rules clearly allow for it:

Section 3100.80  Exemption of Agents and Employees: Affiliated Practitioners
a)        The requirement of registration is waived for any agent or employee of a person who is registered to engage in any group of independent activities, if such agent or employee is acting in the usual course of his business or employment.
b)        An individual practitioner who is an agent or employee of another practitioner registered to dispense controlled substances may, when acting in the usual course of his employment, administer and dispense (other than by issuance of a prescription) controlled substances if and to the extent that such individual practitioner is authorized or permitted to do so by the jurisdiction in which he practices, under the registration of the employer or principal practitioner in lieu of being registered himself.
c)        A holder of a Temporary Certificate of Registration, pursuant to Section 11a of the Medical Practice Act (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1981, ch. 111, par. 4422), may dispense and prescribe controlled substances under the registration of the hospital or other institution which is registered and by whom he is employed provided that:
1)        Such dispensing or prescribing is done in the usual course of his training program at such hospital or institution;
2)        The hospital or other institution by whom he is employed has determined that such temporary certificate holder is so permitted to dispense or prescribe drugs by the state wherein he resides and holds a license to practice medicine in all its branches;
3)        The hospital or other institution authorized such temporary certificate holder to dispense or prescribe under the hospital registration and designates a specific internal code number for each such temporary certificate holder so authorized. The code number shall consist of numbers, letters, or a combination thereof and shall be a suffix to the institution's Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number, preceded by a hyphen (e.g., APO 123456-10 or APO 123456-A12); and
4)        A current list of internal codes and the corresponding temporary certificate holder is kept by the hospital or other institution and is made available to other registrants and law enforcement agencies upon request for the purpose of verifying the authority of the prescribing temporary certificate holder.
So if this has been a problem in the past or even if it hasn’t, it’s time to share your residents’ DEA extensions with the community pharmacies located near you and be prepared to answer calls from pharmacies outside your area who may end up with your patients and their prescriptions. It’s not illegal, it’s just complicated.

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has posted a complete update regarding HCPs here. We hope that everyone is ready for this change. We also hope that making these products a little harder to get will deter those who abuse these products to look elsewhere. Finally, we hope that this change doesn’t prevent patients who need appropriate pain control from receiving it. We guess we’re very hopeful.

College Connections

Meet the SIUE Student Executive Board!

by Brandy Hudgins, Class of 2017, Southern Illinois University School of Pharmacy

Edwardsville, Illinois lies just east of St. Louis, Missouri and is home to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s School of Pharmacy. The Student Society of Health System Pharmacists ICHP chapter has a diverse group of individuals serving on their Executive Board. 

This year’s President, Kimberlee Kabbes, class of 2016, hails from Effingham, Illinois. She is a lover of dogs and credits her parents for nurturing, encouraging, and supporting her through life. Her favorite quote, “life has no remote; get up and change it yourself,’ stems from an unknown author.

Hannah Sheley, who is also a member of the class of 2016, serves as the chapter Vice-President. She comes to our chapter from her hometown of Lincoln, Illinois, but hopes to one day live in Greece as she is fascinated by the country’s scenery, weather, and food. When asked if she could have any pet, Hannah mentioned that she would love an English bulldog because they have endless wrinkles.

This year’s returning Treasurer, Bryant McNeely, is from Modesto, Illinois. Bryant’s favorite quote is from Jimmy Valvano, “Don’t give up; don’t ever give up.” As a member of the class of 2016, he has lived this quote each and every day for the last several years. He credits his great grandparents for inspiring him to join the healthcare field and ultimately the field of pharmacy.

Cassandra Collins, chapter Secretary, is also a P3 and a member of the class of 2016. Although she is originally from Peoria, Illinois, Cassy dreams of living in Scotland. She finds the countryside extraordinarily beautiful and loves the history. After a previous visit, Cassy felt as if she left a piece of her soul in the country. Maybe after graduation, she will end up in the Highlands of Scotland.

Whitney Maher, President-elect, is a member of the class of 2017 and came to SIUE from Bartonville, Illinois. She loves animals and hopes to one day have her own pet wolf. Her favorite quote is from Karin Seddiki, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Mandy Daniels is also a member of the class of 2016 and comes to SIUE’s School of Pharmacy from O’Fallon, Illinois. She is this year’s Membership chair and her favorite quote is “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anaïs Nin

Kate Henderson, class of 2016, is this year’s chapter Professional Practice Chair. She is from Flora, IL and praises her parents for pushing her to do her best in school. She was taught to never put limits on her abilities, to work hard, and be happy. Her favorite quote is “Whatever you are, be a good one.” –Abraham Lincoln

The chapter’s Community Chair, Taylor Hunt, grew up in Auburn, IL. Her favorite quote is “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” When asked if she could live anywhere in the world, Taylor said that she would love to live in Italy. Maybe after graduation in 2016, we’ll find Taylor on a gondola in Venice!

Chris Loos holds the title of Fundraising chair and joins the class of 2016 from his hometown of Fairview Heights, Illinois. He would love to someday live in the beautiful state of Hawaii with a loyal, happy dog. He definitely does not want a cat. His favorite quote is from Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Sara Mohiuddin came to SIUE from Orland Park, IL. She is a member of the class of 2016 and holds the title of ASHP Liaison. Sara loves to travel and had the opportunity to visit two different countries during the summer of 2014. She loves to spend her free time reading and credits her 4th grade teacher for encouraging students to broaden their horizons by reading various, unique books. When asked if she could have any pet, Sara mentioned that she would love to have an elephant because they are so smart and caring.

Brandy Hudgins, a member of the class of 2017, is this year’s ICHP Liaison. As part of a military family, she grew up all over the world, but claims Jamestown, New York as her family hometown. Brandy was born in Italy and would love to have the opportunity to go back and see the country, especially Tuscany and Sicily. She praises her mom for encouraging her to make a difference and join the field of pharmacy.

Jewel Osco Pharmacy Internship

by Brittany Huff, P2, SSHP President Elect, Chicago State University College of Pharmacy

I remember on January 1, 2014, my pastor had all his members pick a word they wanted to live by for the upcoming year. The word I picked was “challenge”. Many times people tend to get stuck in comfort zones, which can stunt our ability to grow and learn. I can admit I was once one of those people. I will focus on one particular comfort zone of mine (because I did have a couple) that I chose to step out of.

For the past 4 years, I had been a pharmacy technician at Loyola Medical Center. I enjoyed my job and felt like a pro at many work-related tasks. I also loved the staff. However, it was time for a change, new knowledge, and different experiences. I decided to see what community pharmacy had to offer. I applied for community internships and was ecstatic when I was accepted to one of the most competitive internships in Illinois - Albertson’s Pharmacies for the Jewel Osco divisions. 

My Jewel Osco internship has been a truly rewarding experience. I have learned so much! I was placed at a store with an amazing preceptor who happens to be the pharmacy manager. I have learned many managerial tasks such as common financials, inventory, payroll, scheduling, and audits. I also have been able to work with a wellness pharmacist doing comprehensive medication reviews, medication therapy management, assisting with diabetes tools classes, and outcomes research. I have also had the opportunity to counsel patients, take new prescription orders from prescribers and learn some pharmacy laws.

My favorite opportunity was holding a health-screening event at the store. I was able to practice skills on patients that I learned in school such as manually taking blood pressures. I also learned how to conduct other screenings such as measuring blood glucose, and cholesterol levels. We even measured prostate specific antigen and thyroid stimulating hormone levels. I performed a total of 28 screenings within two and a half hours, which was great for this event, considering there were no scheduled appointments, only walk-in customers that came into the store that particular day.

Finally, once a week, we (all the summer interns) met at the corporate office to give presentations on assigned topics. Some of the topics I had to present on this summer were “Herbal Supplements for Depression, Sleep, and Anxiety”, a group debate on “Board Certification for Pharmacists Provider Status”, two drug utilization reviews on specific case studies in SOAP note format, and finally a SWOT analysis on my store. The SWOT presentation analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of my store and focused on how to increase pharmacy sales and script counts. During our meetings at the corporate office, we also had counseling competitions, which was great practice for all the future patients I will have to counsel.

Lastly, I cannot forget to mention that I had the opportunity to shadow my pharmacy district manager for a day. We visited several stores where I learned about inventory and what goes on during actual audits. We also attended a meeting with a representative from the Merck pharmaceutical company, which was very informative! I had the pleasure of meeting many others within the company such as clinical, residency, and pharmacy education coordinators and recruiters. Networking is important! 

With that being said, ending the internship will be bitter sweet. It was a lot of work but I gained so much knowledge, met new friends, and found several mentors. However, it is once again time to step out of another comfort zone and embark on a new challenge.


Officers and Board of Directors


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Student Chapter Presidents

President, Student Chapter
University of IL C.O.P. 

Student Chapter Liaison
University of IL C.O.P.

President, Rockford Student Chapter 
University of IL C.O.P.

President, Student Chapter
Midwestern University C.O.P.

President, Student Chapter 
Chicago State University C.O.P.

President, Student Chapter 
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville S.O.P


President, Student Chapter 
Roosevelt University C.O.P.

President, Student Chapter 
Rosalind Franklin University C.O.P.

ICHP Affiliates 

President, Northern IL Society (NISHP)

President, Metro East Society (MESHP) 

President, Sangamiss Society

President, West Central Society (WSHP) 

Vacant Roles at Affiliates — 
President, Rock Valley Society; Southern IL Society; Sugar Creek Society; Regional Director, South

Welcome New Members!

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New Member Recruiter
Enela Aliaj
Roud Al-Nabulsi
Ali Alobaidi
Kelly Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Andrew Donnelly
Safiya Arif
Laura Ayento
Samantha Bagnola
Jessica Baker
Kateryna Bakhmut
Farron Baksh
Shaziya Barkat
Patryk Bec
Sean Beirne
Mallory Belcher
Meghan Beukelman
Amanda Beverly Jan Keresztes
Bridget Biskup
Shennae Blackwood
Coreliss Blue
Elvis Boamah
Sarah Boudinot
Kayla Boyd
Kevin Burling
Chao Cai
Han Cai
Minh-An Cao
Sheila Capp
Peter Carrizales
Orgesa Cepo
Hetal Chaudhari
Melissa Chaung
Aimee Chevalier Michelle Martin
Anmol Chhabra
Jacinta Chin Andrew Donnelly
Lydia Chiu
Yu Ting Chiu
Kristina Chmiel
Yeeun Chung
John Cochran
Cassandra Collins Mandy Daniels
Kayla Cook
Brandy Cooper
Akorede Dada
Katie Davis
Katie DeAvilla
Emily DenBeste
Sharn Deol
Keri DePatis
Drew Dietrich
Kyle Dillon
Jordan Doberstein
Andreea Ducu
Henry Dunnenberger Stan Kent
Matthew Duprey Andrew Donnelly
Alexandre Endiakov
Kristina Falk
Wesley Faulkner
Sarah Flaherty Mike Fotis
Farnuz Foolad Andrew Donnelly
Julia Gadzinski
Audrey Galal Milena McLaughlin
Ana Gallardo
Clara Gary
Thomas Gintjee
Grace Go
Daphne Goewey
Kyle Gordon Andrew Donnelly
Chelsea Gustafson
Taylor Gutwald
Kimberly Ha
Daniel Haywood
Sarah Henderson
Brianna Henson
Adam Hergenhahn Jim Shafer
Tara Heuerman
Brittany Hickey
Amy Hilliard Andrew Donnelly
Amy Hoang
Kaitlin Hoepfner
Tate Hohulin
Sara Homsi
Cole Honeyman
Karolyn Horn Andrew Donnelly
Madison Horton
Taylor Hunt
Tara Huston
Vanessa Hutzley
Viet Huynh Jessica Peng
Ina Ilieva
Dube Iloabachie
Khushbu Italia
Gail Itokazu
Brita Jensen
Joan Jin
Jinhee Jo
Kristen Jones
Da-Hae Jun
Emily Kalusetsky Sue Hamilton
Marissa Kamaryt
Kristin Kaneshiro Andrew Donnelly
Sharon Karina
Yekatsiaryna Kastsetskaya
Ayesha Khan
Risa Kim
Heu Yeon Kim
Carrie Kim
Justina Kim
Kelly Korza
Lynne Kuss
Jonathan Kye
Daniel Lahey
Thuy Lam
Sarah Lance
Sarah Lapsker
Jared Lawrence
Linh Le
Jennifer Lee
Esther Lee
Jane Lee
Austin Lee
Michelle Lee
Grace Lee
Hanna Lee
Jane Lee
David Lee
Jennifer Lim
Alex Lo
Christopher Loos
Anastasia Loukitcheva
Andrew Macaitis
Taylor MacKinnon
Zach Madej
Elizabeth Madrzyk
Daniel Magistrell
Chloe Majkowski
Jucimara Markoff George MacKinnon
Stephanie Martinez
Seth McIntyre
Samantha Medrano
Arpit Mehta
Brickston Mellinger
Amanda Mertsching Christine Lo
Robert Miller
Krina Modi
Neema Mohammadzadeh
Isaac Morales
Matthew Moritz
Stephanie Mormino
Kelsey Moss
Arsen Mysllinj Bushrah Bakhsh
Lidiya Myzak
Rhobinson Nato
Sumaira Nausheen
Saron Negusu
Elana Nelson
Daniel Ngo
Harrison Nguyen
Vinnie Nguyen
Thien-Kim Nguyen
Vi Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen
Duyen Nguyen
Michael Nguyen
Brianna Nichols
Kalaluka Nyumbu
Rebecca Ohrmund
Zainab Olayiwola
Damon Olson
Mary Osholowu
Yuxiang Ou
Michelle Ouy
Kristine Pallarca
Renee Papageorgiou
Hyeri Park
Jong Park Scott Drabant
Elisabeth Pasquini
Neha Patel
Arpita Patel
Avani Patel
Jean Patton
Andrew Pepin
Danielle Pham
Alan Pham
Terri Phung Eunice Park
Levi Pilones
Ellyn Polley
Krystal Preston
Darah Preston
Ribhi Qattoum
Banjamin Quaye
Victoria Ramos
Anne Reda
Shistique Riley
Jennifer Rinehart
Patricia Rios
Konstantyn Romadin
Patrick Romano
Niloufar Rouhanizadeh
Lacroya Russell
Lauren Sacksteder Bonnie Bachenheimer
Rozhan Sadr
Sabrina Sanchez
Megan Sands
Veranika Sasnovskaya
Nicole Schmitz
Andrew Schoff Tom Devlin
Lindsay Schroeder
Amy Secord
Robert Self
Clarissa Sema Andrew Donnelly
Michael Serlin
Rithisak Seth
Kushal Shah
Jhanvi Shah
Aakash Shah
Hannah Sheley
Anastasia Shishkoff
Jordan Sinclair
Annie Situ
Rebeca Socaciu
Kelly Sosin Christina Rivers
Michael Sotelo
Kaitlyn Stanbridge
Jack Craig Stanley
Amanda Sullivan
Helen Sweiss
Caitlin Taffe Denise Kadleck
Harmeet Takhar
Katrina Tan
Ehsan Tavassoli
Emily Tesdal
Maram Toumah
Linh Tran
Pauline Tran
Hiep Tran
Zachary Tromley
Jonathan Tse
Alyson Turgeon
Chelsea Turns
Merika Tuvell
Robin Varghese
Katelyn Vautrin
Sara Vu
Yiliang Wang
Lucas Watson
Rene Williams
Stephanie Wong Kara Clothier
Katarzyna Wozny
Anna Xie
Thomas Yu
Kate Zamora

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund (PAC) Contributors

Names below reflect donations between October 1, 2013 and October 1, 2014. Giving categories reflect each person's cumulative donations since inception.

ADVOCACY ALLIANCE - $2500-$10000    
Kevin Colgan
Edward Donnelly
Dave Hicks
Frank Kokaisl
Michael Novario

LINCOLN LEAGUE - $1000-$2499    
Scott Bergman
Andrew Donnelly
Ginger Ertel
Linda Fred
James Owen Consulting Inc.
Jan  Keresztes
Kathy Komperda
Despina Kotis
William McEvoy
Scott Meyers
Michael Rajski
Edward Rickert
Christina Rivers
Michael Short
Carrie Sincak
Miriam Mobley-Smith
Avery Spunt
Michael Weaver
Patricia Wegner
Thomas Westerkamp

CAPITOL CLUB - $500-$999    
Sheila Allen
Margaret Allen
Rauf Dalal 
Drury Lane Theater
Ann Jankiewicz
Leonard Kosiba
George MacKinnon
Janette Mark
Mary Lynn Moody
Edward Rainville
JoAnn Stubbings
UIC Student Chapter
Jill Warszalek

Tom Allen
Pete Antonopoulos
Peggy Bickham
Jaime Borkowski
Sandra Durley
Nancy Fjortoft
Michael Fotis
Travis Hunerdosse
Zahra Khudeira
Ann Kuchta
Mary Lee
Gloria Meredith
Jennifer Phillips
Justin Schneider 
Kathryn Schultz
Heidi Sunday
Alan Weinstein

Jen Arnoldi
Jerry Bauman
Jill Borchert
Donna Clay
Mark Deaton
John Esterly
Gireesh Gupchup
Joann Haley
Joan Hardman
Charlene Hope
Diana Isaacs
Kim Janicek
Stan Kent
Kati Kwasiborski
Kristopher Leja
Ronald Miller
New Practitioners Network
Karen Nordstrom
Peggy Reed
Katie Ronald
Brandi Strader
Jennifer Tryon
Carrie Vogler
Marie Williams
William Wuller
Cindy Wuller

GRASSROOTS GANG - $50-$99    
Brett Barker
Susan Berg 
Jeanne Durley
Mary Eilers
Lara Ellinger
Clara Gary
Tory Gunderson
Carol Heunisch
Brian Hoff
Robert Hoy
Mike Koronkowski
Kim Lim
Mark Luer
Bella Maningat
Milena McLaughlin
Megan Metzke
Katherine Miller
Mark Ruscin
Stacy Schmittling
Evanna Shopoff
Lucas Stoller
Jerry Storm
Dave Willman
Janeen Winneke
Amanda Wolff

CONTRIBUTOR - $1-$49    
Renee Advincula
Yinka Alaka
Lisa Ball
Roger Ball
Marci Batsakis
Greg Biedron
Amy Boblitt
John Chaney
Kathy Cimakasky
Mardhia Dayisi
Andreea Ducu
Veronica Flores
Deb Fox
Janice Frueh
Crystin Gloude
Linda Grider
Alisa Groesch
Rebekah Hanson
Margaret Heger
Ina Henderson
Julie Kasap
Dijana Keljalic
Nehrin Khamo
Josephine Kochou
Huda-Marie Kuttab
Irvin Laubscher
Chris Little
Kristopher Lozanovski
Laura Mazzone
Kit Moy
Syed Munawer
Whitney Palecek
Hina Patel
Abby Reeder
Cheryl Scantlen
Elba Sertuche
Hannah Sheley
Chris Shoemaker
Carrie Silverman
Theophilus Simon
Jennifer Splawski
Gloria Sporleder
David Tjhio
Zakarri Vinson
Michael Wilcox
Christina Yates
Thomas Yu

Click here to make a donation to the PAC.

Upcoming Events

Regularly Scheduled

Visit the ICHP Calendar for the most up-to-date events!

Pharmacy Month!

Tuesday, October 14 at 5:00pm
CPE Event! Sangamiss Program: Sniffing Out Microbes: Detection methods of past, present, and future
LIVE Program | Lake Pointe Grill, Sprinfield, IL

Tuesday, October 14
DUE! 2014 ICHP Student Chapter Video Contest Entries Due!

Friday, October 17 - Friday, October 24
Voting Period for the 2014 ICHP Student Chapter Video Contest Entries

Sunday, October 19 - Saturday, October 25
National Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy Week

Tuesday, October 28
National Pharmacy Technician Day

Tuesday, November 4 at 3:00pm & Thursday, November 13 at 12:00pm
Champion Webinar: Drug CHoice and Dosing in the Patient with Advanced Liver Disease
LIVE Webinar

Monday, December 8
Illinois Reception at the Midyear
Anaheim Hilton

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