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Board of Pharmacy Update
Highlights of the September 2021 Meeting

by Matthew R. Smith, PharmD Candidate; Student Intern; University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy; Christopher W. Crank, PharmD, MS, BCPS; ICHP Executive Vice President

The September 14th Board of Pharmacy Meeting was held via conference call due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These are the highlights of that meeting.

NABP Updates:  The Board gave updates on the NABP District 4 Annual Meeting. Originally scheduled as an in-person live meeting October 20-22, 2021, this meeting was switched to a virtual meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Department Updates: No Updates

Legislative Updates: IPhA Executive Director Garth Reynolds presented the legislative update to the Board. Approximately 20 bills were discussed, 18 of which became law. For more information about important legislation that was passed in Illinois, please see the Government Affairs article in this issue of KeePosted.  In addition, the details of these new laws and bills can be directly accessed through the Illinois General Assembly website at

Public Comments: During public comments, it was asked whether student pharmacists would be able to administer influenza vaccines under the supervision of other health care professionals in addition to pharmacists. IDFPR will investigate this issue and will provide the information. It was also asked if, regarding student pharmacist licensure, a college of pharmacy must report disenrollment of a student to the Department. It was stated that it is the responsibility of the student to report, but the Department encourages colleges of pharmacy to also notify the Department. IDFPR was also asked if the State of Illinois planned to sign the FDA Memorandum of Understanding Addressing Certain Distributions of Compounded Drugs. IDFPR indicated that they were aware of the MOU and that the deadline had been extended to October 27, 2022. IDFPR will provide follow up to the Board of Pharmacy on this topic. 

Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Pharmacy is scheduled for November 9, 2021. Interested individuals should monitor the Department’s pharmacy webpage ( for more information. These meetings are open to the public. Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy students are encouraged to attend or listen in.

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