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Marketing Affairs
Greetings from Marketing Affairs

by Denise Kolanczyk, PharmD, BCPS, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Midwestern University College of Pharmacy, Downers Grove Campus; Director of Marketing Affairs

I’d like to take this time to introduce myself as the new Director of the Division of Marketing Affairs.  I’ve been a member of the Division since 2015, and am excited to offer my leadership over the next 2 years.

The Division has been busy over the past year.  We were able to successfully implement the Technician’s Network and create an institutional membership discount program.  While the Champions program was eliminated, the continuing education offerings transitioned to CE Appetizers!  Have you attended one lately?  It’s a great way to learn something new over lunch with your colleagues and students.

We also increased our social media presence through monthly polls and membership spotlights.  The biggest accomplishment from the past year was the creation of the public health outreach subcommittee, PEARLS (Public Education & Awareness outReach pubLication Subcommittee).  A few “Did you know?” facts have been posted on social media sites with the intention of YOU sharing it with your social networks.  PEARLS also wrote a letter to President-Elect Biden advising that he appoint a pharmacist to the COVID-19 Advisory Board.  This was shared and retweeted by many of our members.  It was also picked up by the Med Ed 101 blog, who reminded its audience that “If you don’t say something, no one will.”1 To Scott Drabant and the rest of the PEARLS subcommittee, keep up the great work!

In November, I attended the ICHP Virtual Leadership Retreat.  Much of our conversation was focused on how we can promote the “why” of ICHP.  We discussed why we joined, and why we continue to renew our memberships.  However, we also discussed “why” some of our members don’t renew after 1 or 2 years.  We even asked why some pharmacists, technicians, and students don’t become members at all.  We all reflected on this, and how we can do a better job explaining the “why”. 

My favorite suggestion came from one of our Past Presidents, Dr. Ann Jankiewicz.  She started to tell her story of why she became a member of ICHP, and how her membership has molded her into the pharmacist and leader she is today.  Her story led to a suggestion that our members should do the same. 

Here’s my story:  I attended pharmacy school in Indiana, and belonged to a state clinical pharmacy focused organization.  I held a small leadership position as the “pharmacy resident liaison”, and was involved in business meetings and continuing education programs for the greater Indianapolis area.  It took me a few years to find my home in ICHP after moving to Chicago for my first clinical pharmacy position.  After obtaining a faculty position with Midwestern University College of Pharmacy in Downers Grove, I came across an email from Dr. Jennifer Philips.  It was time to renew her membership, and she was looking for a new member to take advantage of the Double Dose program.  I responded first – lucky me!  Jen asked me to come to her office to sign the membership form.  She took that as an opportunity to discuss the various ICHP divisions and networks, and asked what sparked my interest.  Within a day, an email had been sent to Dr. Carrie Vogler who was leading the division at the time, and I’ve been a member ever since.  I became involved in division business, and now I’m at the helm. 

I also served on the executive board for one of our regional affiliates, the Northern Illinois Society of Health-System Pharmacists (NISHP).  I had attended a few dinners and continuing education programs when Dr. Kathryn Schultz asked if I would run for President-Elect.  I completed my 3-year term over the summer, and am grateful for the opportunity.  I met pharmacists, technicians, and aspiring students from the area.  I was able to plan several events with other pharmacists and technicians that kept our members interest in mind. The NISHP affiliate programming is my featured star of ICHP membership.  The close knit atmosphere allows for networking and meeting new people.  I look forward to when we can safely gather again.

My past would certainly look different if it weren’t for my ICHP membership.  I would not have honed my leadership skills. For some of you, our paths would never have crossed.  I may never had considered submitting a proposal to speak at an Annual Meeting!  My ICHP membership has certainly given me the skills to become a better pharmacist, educator, and leader.

As I end this column, I ask you: Why did you get involved in ICHP?  How has your involvement shaped you?  I encourage you to share your stories with others when you suggest that they become an ICHP member.  Publish it in your pharmacy department newsletter.  Post it in the breakroom.  E-mail it to the department.  We need to showcase the worth of our membership – it has so much to offer.

  1. Christianson E. If you don’t say something, no one will: advocating for pharmacy. MED ED 101 blog. December 6, 2020.  Accessed December 15, 2020. 



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