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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) - School of Pharmacy
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by By: Kristen Ingold, P-2 and President-Elect SIUE School of Pharmacy

Let’s start the summer off by welcoming our new Executive Board for the 2018-2019 school year! We are all excited for this next year and to continue our involvement in SSHP!

President: James Reimer is a P3 who previously served as our President-Elect and P1 Liaison in prior years. He demonstrated excellent organization and leadership skills in assisting the Executive Board, and we cannot wait to see what he will bring to the table this year.

Fun fact: James is an Eagle Scout through the Boy Scouts of America and is advanced certified in SCUBA Diving!

President-Elect: Kristen Ingold is a P2 who served as the P1 Liaison last year. She showed great communication skills by advocating P1 involvement in SSHP, and she is excited to continue serving our organization.

Fun Fact: Kristen taught herself how to play the ukulele and performs research under two different professors at the SIUE School of Pharmacy!

Vice President: Paris Smith is a P3 who was our Fundraising Chair last year. She organized numerous successful fundraisers, including our record-breaking Faculty Auction! We will miss her expertise in as Fundraising Chair, but are excited to see what she brings to the Vice President position.

Fun Fact: Paris went to the biggest high school in Chicago, where her graduating class was 989 people!

Secretary: Michael McGee is a P3 and is new to our Executive Board this year. He was the P1 class tutor last year, and his personable attitude and studious skills will help him excel with us this year.

Fun Fact from Michael himself: “I can juggle, if that counts.”

Treasurer: Steve Jannick is a P3 who is also new to our Executive Board. He has previous experiences with handling funds, and he was hands down made for this position! We are excited to see his skills utilized this year.

Fun Fact: After helping a friend with a video production assignment, Steve ended up with an IMDB page. Wow!

Fundraising Chair: Makynzie Ashbaugh is a P2 and is our new Fundraising Chair. She has great organization skills and a creative mindset through her tremendous work with Dance Marathon. We are ecstatic to have her as a Board Member this year.

Fun Fact: Kynzie is a HUGE baseball fan! Her favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds.

Membership Chair: Kyleigh Maday is a P3 and was our Membership Chair last year. She is ready to continue excellence in this position and already has great ideas for furthering SSHP membership!

Fun Fact: One of Kyleigh’s favorite activities is snowboarding!

Professional Practice Chair: Blake Lutzow is a P3 and was our ASHP Liaison last year. He is excited to begin a new position and to help inform other students of their options after they graduate. We are looking forward to his work this year!

Fun Fact from Blake himself: “I golf all the time, but I am still not good.”

Community Chair: Allison Hotop is a P3 and is thrilled to keep us actively involved in our chapter’s outreach program. She is new to our board, but her various involvements through the School of Pharmacy shows she is approachable and willing to help others.

Fun Fact: Allison saw Jimmy Fallon live and gave him a high-five!

ICHP Liaison: Vincent Chau is a P3 and will be continuing his position as ICHP Liaison. He was an asset to our organization last year, and we are excited for him to continue his excellence and leadership role with us.

Fun Fact: Vincent is a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan!

ASHP Liaison: Hunter Ragan is a P3 and is new to our Executive Board. He is looking forward to facilitating communication between SSHP and ASHP. Hunter is eager to work with his peers and strengthen our organization with new ideas.

Fun Fact: … Ready for it? Hunter is Taylor Swift’s number one fan!

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