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Announcing Big Changes –
KeePosted™ Transformation coming in November 2018!

Big changes are happening to the ICHP KeePosted News Journal beginning with the November 2018 issue. The ICHP Board of Directors has approved changing KeePosted to a quarterly publication, available as both a print (using recycled materials) and digital news journal. The new print KeePosted™ will be a member benefit at no additional charge.

Transformation Timeline

  • August 2018 - Final issue of current KeePosted™ digital only format.
  • September-October – There will be no KeePosted™ news journals published as we collect and hold all columns and articles for the first print issue of November.
  • November 2018 - The new format will be published as both print and digital.
    • Every ICHP member will receive a copy of each paper issue – so please be sure that we have your preferred mailing address!
    • Only want digital? See the Opt Out information below.
  • 2019 - The first of February, May, August and November – hard copy mailings ship out and digital issues are published online.


Your favorite peer-reviewed columns will still be in KeePosted™, providing our members with publishing opportunities. The President’s Message, Directly Speaking, Division and Committee articles, all College Connections, special guest articles, Best Practice journal continuing education, Member Spotlight, and Board of Pharmacy updates – just to name a few – will be in the new KeePosted™!

So if you are looking for an opportunity to publish, write an article for the KeePosted™ and your work will be online and in hard copy! Article due dates will be changing to meet the new hard copy print schedule.  We will have all the new submission information available and posted online soon at

 Other Changes in ICHP Communications

  • Breaking news (legislation, rule changes and Board of Pharmacy updates) and important announcements will be shared via “ICHP News” email blasts, Facebook, News, and Voter Voice.
  • Statewide meeting announcements and affiliate program information will be emailed to members, posted on the website and listed in KeePosted™.
  • The ICHP Champion News Brief is now emailed directly to all ICHP members and will continue to be a monthly publication.
  • The ICHP CPE News Brief (currently every two weeks) will become a monthly email update listing all the available ICHP continuing education opportunities for our members.
  • Important advocacy information will be sent out via Voter Voice (ICHP’s advocacy website provider), so please watch for those emails as well!
  • Plus, the Career Center will continue on its current every two weeks on Thursday email schedule.

Time sensitive news will go out immediately via email and social media; news and information that can wait will go out quarterly in the new KeePosted™. The print version will summarize information and events from the past quarter and announce upcoming quarterly events of value to members. 

What Happens next?

The new KeePosted™ will be a printed news journal mailed quarterly directly to your preferred mailing address. A digital version will still be available online as well for those who prefer digital. The goal is to meet the needs of all our members, many of whom miss our old print version – you soon will be able to carry the KeePosted™ with you, read an article while waiting for the elevator , and easily share with co-workers.

We are planning on six issues as a pilot for the new print format and will analyze the new format to determine if it will become a permanent transformation after the February 2020 issue.

Opt Out

A new option will be available for members when you join or renew your ICHP membership – you may opt out of the print version if you only want the digital. However, every ICHP member will receive our first issue in November 2018. And remember, the new KeePosted™ will be a member benefit at no extra charge, and will also be eco-friendly using recycled materials!

Keep Us Updated on your Email!

For KeePosted™ and all important Illinois pharmacy email notifications - please be sure is white listed at your work site. If that is not possible, make sure we have your most up to date personal email so that we can keep you informed about what is happening in Illinois pharmacy.

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