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Hi Tech
Say Hello to our Newest Network: The ICHP Pharmacy Technician Network

Recently the Division of Marketing Affairs proposed a new network that would focus on and support the professional development of pharmacy technicians. With some minor changes, the proposal was accepted and approved to move forward.  Here are the details of the newest ICHP network, The ICHP Pharmacy Technician Network: 


The Pharmacy Technician Network (PTN) is a group of ICHP pharmacy technician members who  support the professional development and educational advancement of pharmacy technicians. The PTN seeks to recognize pharmacy technicians as the paraprofessionals they are by showcasing technician contributions to the profession while promoting involvement within ICHP.

Mission and Vision
The mission of the PTN is to enhance patient care and improve health outcomes of patients in Illinois by advancing pharmacy technician practice collaboratively with pharmacists. The PTN hopes to advance the practice for pharmacy technicians by highlighting the various roles pharmacy technicians play on the healthcare team in addition to contributing to the advancement of workforce of well-trained pharmacy technicians who seek opportunities to excel and work at the top of their training and education.
  1. Provides communications on activities and benefits to ICHP’s pharmacy technician members.
  2. Seeks to increase pharmacy technician involvement and visibility within ICHP, its local affiliates, and ASHP.
  3. Recruits pharmacy technicians to participate in the ICHP divisions, committees, as well as the Spring and Annual meetings.
  4. Establishes practice, social and community service activities for ICHP’s pharmacy technician members.
  5. Creates statewide networking opportunities for ICHP’s pharmacy technician members.
  6. Establishes a platform for support and mentorship to pharmacy technicians.
  7. Identifies opportunities for enhanced professional development to assist pharmacy technicians with career development.

Chair – Technician Representative Description
  1. The Technician Representative already serves as a voting member of the ICHP Board of Directors
  2. Coordinates activities of the PTN, its subcommittees, and all technician members.
  3. Reports activities and prepares an annual report of the PTN to the Board of Directors.
  4. Brings to the attention of the Board “Votes to recommend” from the PTN executive board.
  5. Accepts assignments from the Board of Directors on a specific matter of consideration.
  6. Obtains approval of the Board of Directors prior to representing themselves as acting on behalf of the Council or securing funds from sources outside the Council.
  7. Obtains approval of the Board of Directors prior to spending funds of the Council on Technician  related activities.
  8. Prepares an annual budget for the PTN and submits it to the Treasurer and Executive Vice President.
  9. Complies with Chapter 11.0 of the ICHP Policy and Procedure Manual “Performance Requirements for Board Members, Officers, and other ICHP Representatives”.
  10. Provide immediate assignments and mentors for pharmacy technician volunteers.
  11. Conducts an annual roster review of the core network and provides names of members to add or delete from the roster for the coming year.
Technician representative is an elected position who serves a two-year term. May serve two successive terms.

Chair-Elect – Technician Representative-Elect
  1. Performs the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair’s absence. 
  2. Assumes the role of the Chair at the end of their term.  
  3. Assists with Pharmacy Technician related activities.
Technician representative-elect is an elected position who serves one-year term.

  1. Meets via conference call once monthly or as needed.
  2. Possible activities:

a. Assessment of pharmacy technician educational and member needs in the state
b. Creates resources for pharmacy technician (e.g. toolkits, how to prepare for the certification test) 
c. Performs gap analysis of pharmacy technician best practices in Illinois 
d. Foster collaborative research with pharmacy technicians at various practice sites
e. Creates pharmacy technician programming for Spring and Annual meetings, Champion webinars, and other opportunities
f.  Participate in ICHP social media outreach

If you are interested in joining the Pharmacy Tech Network executive committee to help develop priorities and programs, please contact the office (  Meetings will start in 2020!


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