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Legislative Day Highlights
Under the Dome #13 is Under our Belts

by Scott A. Meyers, Executive Vice President

The 13th Annual Illinois Pharmacy Legislative Day - “Under the Dome” is the well-known tagline - was a rousing success on March 13th!  More than 400 attendees trekked to Springfield to meet with legislators and this year, rally in the Capitol Rotunda as Representative Greg Harris, D-Chicago and Senator Andy Manar, D-Springfield unveiled two identical bills to regulate PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers)!  On the Monday and Tuesday prior to Leg Day, both legislators introduced amendments to HB0465 and SB0652 that would begin to provide pharmacies and patients with significant protections from the predatory practices of PBMs!  During the course of the day, more than 20 legislators were convinced to sign on as co-sponsors to one of these two pieces of legislation!

In addition, participants carried positions on two other pharmacy-related bills to their respective legislators, HB1441, a bill that would allow importation of medications from Canada and HB1442, a bill that would allow pharmacists to dispense hormonal contraceptives (pills, patches, and rings) through a standing order from the Illinois Department of Public Health.  While there are more than 90 bills that ICHP and IPhA are monitoring, these four were selected for presentation during this important joint venture!

You can go to the ICHP website and Facebook page to see all the pictures of the days’ events - the registration process, lunch in the Howlett Building Hall of Flags, the orientation that prepared participants for the legislative meetings, the Rally in the Rotunda, and more.  This annual undertaking, organized and orchestrated by ICHP and IPhA continues to build pharmacy’s presence and position in the State Capitol.  With three articles: Board of Pharmacy Update, Government Affairs Report, and Collaborative Pharmaceutical Task Force Update in this issue of KeePosted alone, it should be clear that ICHP will continue to expand its legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts in Illinois on behalf of the pharmacy profession!  You can help by establishing a relationship with your own legislators and planning to attend future “Under the Dome” events.  It’s your profession, spend some time and effort on its behalf!

Enjoy this limited gallery of “Under the Dome” pics and go to the ICHP webpage or Facebook page to see the entire collection! ■

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