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Roosevelt University School of Pharmacy
Roosevelt University’s Fall Term Update

College Connection

by Kimberly Zaleski, PS-2, President and Patrick Tednes, PS-2, Vice President

Since our previous KeePosted update in the summer, we have been focusing on increasing chapter membership, communication, and preparing for the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition. We are also very excited to have elected a first-year pharmacy student (P1) as our liaison to provide a leadership opportunity early in her pharmacy education career and also to bridge communication between the first and second year classes. At our membership drive meeting this past September, we explained to the P1 class the qualifications for a liaison and how to apply. Within our chapter, the P1 Liaison is responsible for attending our executive board meetings, maintaining our bulletin board, and emailing and posting all SSHP general body meetings and events on the P1 social media pages. We hope that this new position encourages more involvement with the RUCOP SSHP from the P1 class. 

Our first general body event that took place following our membership drive was the first annual “Dirt Dip Social”. The purpose of the social was bring attention to National Health Systems Pharmacists Week and to have members and non-members join us during lunch while making their own Halloween desserts. We want to implement more events that allow students to get together to take a small break from studying while communicating at a less “formal” event (e.g., a journal club). The final event that we will be planning for this term is our quarterly journal club. We will be hosting a journal club on the article, “Effect of Intensive Blood-Pressure Treatment on Patient-Reported Outcomes”. We will be providing students with the article and encourage participation, even for those students that may not know how to present a journal article. 

Finally, the classes of 2018 and 2019 are preparing for the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition. Many of the P4 students are going to the ASHP Midyear in preparation for application to residencies and fellowships. We are also excited for several students who will be attending to present research posters! From our executive board, three members will be attending to present research during the Student Society poster session on a professional development analysis that was conducted between the P1 and P2 classes. For this year’s project, we wanted to assess the knowledge of obtaining a residency following graduation in an accelerated program between the P1 and P2 classes. Based on the results, we are going to plan our future events to provide more information on residencies and to encourage students to pursue post-graduate education.

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