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2017 ICHP Annual Meeting
Launch Innovation in Pharmacy!

Feature Article

by Trish Wegner, BS Pharm, Pharm.D., FASHP; Vice-President, Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists

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ICHP President, Charlene Hope, mentioned in her address that our mission as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians is to actively participate in redesigning healthcare delivery.  Numerous opportunities for healthcare improvement and cost savings exist in the current environment.  What can we do to navigate the challenges we face in healthcare and advance our profession?  Her answer – INNOVATION.  Pharmacists and technicians should be entrepreneurs and take on these three skills: 1) be courageous, 2) adopt “failure” as a synonym for “learning opportunity”, and 3) be creative.

Active participation in your institution and in your professional organization is vital to staying current and striving for excellence.  Continuous professional development keeps you on the cutting edge.  Join us at the 2017 Annual Meeting to Launch Innovation in Pharmacy! Learn about practicing at the top of your license, how to establish new and innovative practice, how to hone your leadership and practice skills, how to establish and maintain safety measures, how to use technology to advance and streamline workflow, and how to make an impact in healthcare.

New this year is the provision of the ASHP Residency Program Design and Conduct Workshop.  ICHP is committed to expanding residency programs within the state and Midwest and is investing in hosting this workshop to help elevate practice and patient care.  Members receive a special discounted registration to the workshop and an additional discount for attending both the workshop and the Annual Meeting.

Continuing with the theme of innovation, ICHP will be showcasing the 2017 Best Practice Award at the meeting.  The winner will be displaying their innovative practice/program, followed by a home study continuing education offering. ICHP has been promoting innovative and best practices in Illinois by supporting this award for the last ten years. 

Network with your peers to share your innovative practices or identify programs you can implement at your own institution.  For the first time, ICHP will be offering networking sessions to launch the meeting on Thursday.  Topic areas include 1) Ambulatory Care, 2) Leadership, 3) Medication Safety and 4) Pharmacy Practice.  Engage in conversation and contribute to the wealth of knowledge available during this networking time. Only you can make it a success.

The Annual Meeting will continue to have its core offerings of student sessions, technician sessions and exhibit programming, along with an informative Town Hall Lunch and an exciting Awards Luncheon.  Don’t miss out – register today!

What innovation could you launch for pharmacy?

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