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2016 Oct - Pharmacy Month

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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy
Meet the Board

by Kaylee Poole, P2, President-Elect

Let’s all say welcome to our new executive board! We are all excited to start a new school year and get involved in SSHP again.

President: Mallory Belcher is a P3 stepping into her role as President after previously serving as our fundraising chair. She did an excellent job last year as fundraising chair and we are excited to see what great ideas she brings to table for this year. 
Fun fact: Mallory’s hometown is Tampa, Florida!

President-Elect: Kaylee Poole is a P2 who previously served as our P1 liaison. She did a great job promoting P1 involvement in SSHP last year and is excited to continue serving our organization.
Fun fact: Kaylee’s name is a combination of her parents’ middles names—her mom’s middle name is Kay and her dad’s middle name is Lee!

Vice President: Jamal Sims is a P3 and is already doing an outstanding job of collaborating with our project chairs this year!
Fun fact: Jamal and his cat, Khalessi, share a unique bond—they both have asthma!

Secretary: Erin Lindstrom is a P2 and is ready to use her passion for organization to help our organization succeed!
Fun fact: Erin has 7 siblings! 

Treasurer: Kaelyn Smith is a P3 who previously served as our secretary. She is ready to step into her new role and use her skills to further develop our organization.
Fun fact: Kaelyn has met Taylor Swift!

Fundraising Chair: Meghan Fischer is a P3 and is our new fundraising chair. She is ready to give SSHP her all and learn as much as she can from the organization and her peers.  
Fun fact: Meghan is originally from South Dakota!

Membership Chair: Abbey Rodeghiero is a P2 with previous recruitment experience. She came to us with a lot of great ideas to encourage membership and we cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeve! 
Fun fact: Abbey has a crazy obsession with pugs!

Professional Practice Chair: Aaron Morris is a P2 who is excited to be able to pursue his clinical knowledge within the organization. He is looking forward to helping inform other students of what their options are after they graduate.  
Fun fact: Aaron can count past 20 in four different languages!

Community Chair: Taylor Hutchison is a P2 who is excited to get actively involved in our chapter’s outreach program. She has previous experience that can help our chapter excel!
Fun fact: In her spare time, Taylor likes to bake and decorate cakes for special occasions—including her own wedding!

ICHP Liaison: Olivia Brandner is a P2 looking forward to all of the opportunities available in this organization. Her previous leadership experience will be an asset to our organization!
Fun fact: Olivia once accidently became a part of a parade while driving home from work!

ASHP Liaison: Nicole Wheeler is a P2 who is excited to facilitate communication between SSHP and ASHP. She is excited to work with her peers and strengthen our organization. 
Fun fact: Nicole once sold a homemade pie for $550!

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