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Leadership Profile
Katherine Miller, PharmD

How were you initially motivated to get involved in ICHP, and how has that changed during your tenure in ICHP?
I have been involved in state and national organizations since my residency, and when I moved to Chicago, it felt like the right thing to do. Not only am I able to give back to the profession by supporting ICHP through my membership, but it also provides an opportunity to develop a network that I can bounce ideas and day-to-day challenges off of.
Please describe your leadership position in ICHP and what you think are the greatest benefits to being an ICHP member. 
I am currently the Secretary of ICHP. Through my involvement in ICHP, I have been able to personally benefit from the networking, CE opportunities, and leadership sessions ICHP provides. Professionally, I have used ICHP Career Center to advertise new jobs, participated in the Residency Showcase, and am looking forward to using the new interactive section of the website to work with colleagues to enhance our pharmacy practice.
What are the greatest challenges to being an ICHP member? 
The biggest challenge is committing to being involved and trying to leave work on time to get to the events!
Describe your pharmacy background (i.e. school, training, work experience, etc.).
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with my Doctor of Pharmacy and pursued a PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). While there, I had a couple great mentors who guided me toward administration, and I completed a PGY-2 Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency at OHSU as well. My first job was at United Hospital, part of Allina Health, in St. Paul, MN, where I was a Pharmacy Operations Manager. During that time I also participated in the ASHP Foundation Pharmacy Leadership Academy and then pursued a Masters of Health Administration through Simmons College. I moved to Chicago about two years ago to begin a role as an Operations Manager at the University of Chicago Medicine. While at UCM I have also had the opportunity to lead the Safety, Quality, Compliance, Informatics, and Education teams, and recently transitioned back into Operations as the Assistant Director.
Describe your greatest professional accomplishments and a significant mentor in your career. 
My greatest accomplishment is simply graduating and getting to where I am today. Pharmacy is a tough world, and I believe many of us work extremely hard to be successful. I have had several great mentors throughout my career who have supported me, and I hope I can pay it forward through mentoring and precepting students and residents. I would have to say the most significant mentors in my career were two of my preceptors at OHSU who worked with me, showed me my strengths, and ultimately convinced me to follow the path into administration. They were both preceptors and mentors during my administration residency, and I maintain close relationships with them.

What advice do you want to give to pharmacy students and what pharmacy-related problem do you hope to see them solve in the future? 
Work hard and keep focusing on the goals ahead! Pharmacy is a great world to be in and be proud to be part of it. Find a way to ensure that pharmacists are working at the top of their license, at the top of their training, and are always putting the patient first. We need to take better care of each other, as colleagues, and as pharmacists – please keep the profession focused on that.
What pharmacy related issues keep you up at night? 
Drug shortages! You would think that after all this time we would have gotten this figured out, right? In reality, the Pharmacy Practice Act and the ability for pharmacists to gain provider status is the big issue that we need to band together as pharmacists in order to solve.
What interests or hobbies do you have outside of work? 
When I lived in Oregon, I fell in love with pinot noir, so I maintain a membership at a winery to keep some of that around. About a year ago, I joined a gym focused on women and strength training, and I love my kettlebell ladies! And I’m looking forward to the Chicago weekend festivals to start up again.
What is an interesting/unique fact about yourself that few people know?
I played percussion for two years in elementary school before switching to flute. 
What 3 adjectives would people use to best describe you?
Focused, efficient, thoughtful.


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